Skinny Up!® & Sustainability

Who wants to do all the hard work of losing the weight only to gain it back + more? Nobody. And how often does this happen? All the time.

Except not this time - with Skinny Up!® You are given exactly what you need to detox, lose weight, and build a foundation for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

How is the Skinny Up!® Protocol sustainable?

  1. The drops. First, let’s focus on the drops. Why are they sustainable? Well, they are made up of wonderful vitamins and mineral complexes, as well as amino acids to support the body. They are all-natural and hormone free. They tap into the body’s natural tendency to allow it to do exactly what it’s intended to do - keep you healthy, and keep the unwanted fat away. These drops do not create dependency, though some love them enough to continue taking them past protocol. You could go through one round and be finished, or several. Once you’ve reached your desired weight, it is not necessary to continue taking the drops.
  2. The Retrain Phase. The Retrain Phase is key in keeping the weight off. During this time you are slowly adding foods back into your diet, while staying away from starches and sugars. After losing so much weight, your body wants to find homeostasis. Without Retrain, it may start to slowly creep back to your original weight, because that was it’s previous normal. During Retrain, you are reteaching your body, displaying how it can trust you at this new normal, and resetting to your post weight loss weight. If you were to eat sugars and starches during this time, it would be highly confusing to the body. Ease your way out of Reduce and into your regular lifestyle during Retrain, and you won’t be revisiting the protocol for weight loss.
  3. The transition. As mentioned when discussing Retrain, the slow transition from Reduce into your regular lifestyle is a key component to ensuring the sustainability and long-term effectiveness of the protocol. Try adding a few new foods in a week so you can keep a close eye on how your body reacts to each food. Use the Reduce menu as a base and make your portions bigger. Carefully add in healthy fats, a variety of vegetables, and the approved fruits during Retrain. The more strategic the transition, the more control you have over keeping the weight off permanently.
  4. The knowledge. Going into the protocol, I had zero knowledge of nutrition. After reading through the protocol guide booklet, scouring the information and resources on the website, following the eating plan and taking the drops on schedule, and watching my body transform in no time, I became extremely knowledgeable about not only what proper nutrition looks like - I also became informed on what exactly my body needs. This information is a tool I use to keep the weight off, because I know what works and what doesn’t.
  5. No post detox detox. Unlike other regimens, Skinny Up!® Is all natural and so are the foods paired with the program. No pre-packaged meals or having to worry about detoxing after you are finished with the protocol.

And don’t just take it from us. Here are a few testimonials directly from our website:

  “I have been on the program for 8 days and have achieved a 7.2# weight loss already. So happy with the results and motivated to keep going because of the great success I’m experiencing! Way more bang for the buck compared to similar products and programs out there. I love the fact that you eat normal food and not something that comes out of a cardboard box! My family will even eat the meat the way I prepare them for myself which is a real bonus.” -Candice M.   “Some good news for those wondering if Skinny Up!® works to help you lose weight AND keep it off: I achieved my goal weight in 3 months (which included Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday and a 2-week overseas vacation). In February I stuck to the “maintain” protocol and have lost a few more pounds. I used to crave carbs and sweets, I don’t anymore. I wake up refreshed and my joints don’t hurt like they used to. I’m managing a very stressful job and a busy life. My one issue right now is that none of my clothes fit anymore. What a bummer 😂. Thanks Skinny Up!” - - - I’ve kept it off going on 5 months now- so happy! Keys to success for me were 1. Doing Maintain and 2. Continuing to fast breakfast which is easy to do because I’m not hungry after doing Skinny Up!® for 2 rounds; this must be how my metabolism changed. - Rochelle P.   This is the first diet that I have ever done and was able to keep the weight off, I started using Skinny Up!® in 2013 through a chiropractor and lost 100 lbs. when I started I didn’t know what to expect but when the weight started coming off and fast I was surprised but like in the past it wasn’t all about the weight loss but about keeping it off. Since then my weight has regulated meaning it has gone to the weight that’s for my body, at first I got too thin but now it’s at a good weight for me. The thing about Skinny Up! is if you get off the diet you can always start again and the weight comes right back off. Never stop making this product it does what it says, very happy customer! -Shirley G.   Read more testimonials here: Rest assured. You can lose the weight and keep it off with Skinny Up!® We also have a new product, DAILY, which provides all the necessary vitamins - so we have you covered! If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you’ve found the solution. Stick with us and we’ll assist you in feeling the most healthy you have in your life!

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