Weight Loss & Saggy Skin

We often hear about the fact that as our clients lose weight and most lose it very quickly, don’t seem to have the often-tragic consequence of sagging skin. Many programs like bariatric stomach bypass cause such dramatic and unhealthy weight loss that the body is left with basically only its shell of skin that hangs from the previously fat limbs. Skinny Up!® is different.  Yes, weight loss is very fast and efficient, but even more astounding is skin that is healthy, vibrant and taut instead of loose, dull and saggy. When the body is so over stressed by our everyday work, family and social pressures, the adrenal glands begin to pay the ultimate price.

This is called Adrenal Exhaustion.

Adrenal exhaustion is one of the biggest reasons that the body becomes unwell in the first place.  Stress causes all the obvious signs like lack of sleep, exhaustion, brain fog, achy joints, digestive issues, or headaches. Adrenal exhaustion can cause hormonal imbalance in all other areas as well.  Insulin, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, angiotensin, angiotensinogen, cortisol (just to name a few!) can all get out of balance.  Hormones all work together so when the adrenal glands suffer, all of the hormones pitch in, trying to help. All work together for the betterment of the body’s functioning.

Which means that all these hormones pay a price trying to help the adrenal glands function better.

Skinny Up!® helps improve the hormonal functions by supporting adrenal function and thereby improving hormonal balance.  Giving the body a break to digest its extra waste allows the body to rest.  In that rest comes healing. Hormones, especially sexual hormones, begin to be produced properly, more cleanly and in proper amounts which causes the improved production of hyaluronic acid (HA). This helps to provide improved moisture in between the cells of skin, improved collagen production and overall improved circulation to the skin. Because of the detoxing effects of our product Skinny Up!® Reduce paired with the Skinny Up!® Protocol, the fat cells that help produce hormones are cleaner fat cells. Remember, cleaner fat produces cleaner hormones which produces cleaner body and life. Again, most are pleasantly surprised that the body, after undergoing the Skinny Up!® Protocol, isn’t ridden with wrinkles or sagging skin but rather a slight tightening has occurred making your body look like it used to before the weight gain.  Skin often tells the story about our history with weight gain and loss…let’s keep our little secret. Dr. Kenna D. Venekamp Formulator of Skinny Up!® product line.

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