Why the Retrain Phase is Key

The Retrain Phase is absolutely critical when it comes to keeping the weight off in the long run with your modern weight loss diet plan.

What Happens During the Retrain Phase

Let’s recap: You’ve just finished working really hard to lose weight in the Reduce Phase. You’ve limited your food intake, you’ve sacrificed a few different party foods that you love, you did away with ice cream during your shows in the evening. The Retrain Phase is where all of that hard work pays off because this is the time where your brain gets to learn that this is, in fact, your new normal. By keeping track of your weight every day of the Retrain Phase, you will be able to ensure that your weight doesn’t creep up a little bit. Your hypothalamus, the little piece of your brain that acts like a thermostat in controlling all of your “normals,” is reset to recognize a new normal weight, metabolic rate, and hunger level. Without this critical phase, it is likely that the weight you just worked so hard to take off will come right back.

How to Correctly Retrain

The Retrain Phase is a lot like parenting a toddler. Even if you’ve never parented yourself, you most likely know that toddlers tend to be all over the place. That’s what the body can be like during the Retrain Phase. Your weight will fluctuate and you’ll have to step in and remind the body and the brain of what they need to do. It is likely that you will need to do the Steak Day a few times during the three-week Retrain Phase. You have to stay on top of your weight as your body learns that, “No, we really are staying at this new weight.” To correctly get that message across, you will need to follow and adhere to the Retrain Phase guidelines. That means that during this three-week period, you get to eat all of the fats and oils that you’d like! How wonderful! You also get to expand the variety of food that you are eating in a big way. The only thing that you need to stay away from are sugars and carbohydrates. In giving your body fats and oils, but not giving it carbohydrates or sugar, your body will begin to learn what it feels like to truly live off of fat and maintain your weight. Our safe appetite suppressants are all-natural and doctor-approved to help you maintain these results and ease the stress of re-learning how to metabolize body fat.

The Goal of Retraining

The goal of the Retrain Phase is really quite simple — teach your brain and body what normal will look like from here on out. That means that you will be able to have a piece of cake at your nephew’s birthday party with no fear since your body will know that it doesn’t need to hang onto that sugar for later. It will know that it can simply pass all of that sugar through and keep on keepin’ on. Most of us have heard of the term ‘famine fat.’ That simply refers to the fat your body stores up for times of famine. When we eat a lot, our bodies start to wonder, “Hmm, there must be something coming. Why would we be eating so much if there wasn’t?” The Retrain Phase of the Skinny Up!® Protocol is allowing your brain to not hang onto or store up additional food for famine. If you have gone through the hard work of losing weight in a significant way through the Skinny Up!® Reduce Phase, we know that you don’t want to jeopardize that progress. So do yourself a favor and work hard through the Retrain Phase so that you’re able to maintain your goal weight for years to come. Learn more about our Maintain weight loss drops or contact us today to ensure you hold onto your amazing results!*

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