Sabotage. It happens.

Sabotage.  It happens.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.  Or in this case, they might actually know what they are doing, but they do it never-the-less.  It’s a weird phenomenon when people we love and who love us either directly or inadvertently sabotage our efforts to lose weight and improve our health status.  Have you seen it?  (Worse… Have you done it?) Here’s how it works — Cindy has a group of close friends. These gals have been close for years; cheered each other on through college, engagements, weddings, babies, teenage kids, marriage challenges, and so on.  They know each other well, and they’ve loved each other well.  They’ve been wonderful support to one another as they’ve seen each other through the challenges life has presented physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. They are in it together. Cindy is at a place physically where she knows it is time to pay attention and take ownership of her health.  She has allowed her weight to gain a bit every year of her adult life and she’s feeling the effects of those 35 extra pounds. She has low energy, her joints hurt, and her doctor is suggesting that various medications will be needed soon to regulate health issues.  Once a celebrated high school tennis player, she would love to play with her own daughter, but just can’t get around the court well. Cindy makes the decision to change things.  She has a cousin who lost 30 pounds using Skinny Up!® weight loss drops.* Her cousin has new vitality and energy; a whole new lease on life.  Cindy purchases her Skinny Up!® Deluxe package, and loses 12 pounds in the first two weeks. * She is down nearly two sizes and already is vastly aware of a whole new level of energy.  Her kids and her hubby are so pumped for her, cheering her on at the home front. It is at this point that she has her monthly get-together with her group of close friends.  They immediately notice how great Cindy is looking (Not all of them mention how great she looks). One friend mentions it and asks if she’s been ill that she could have lost weight that quickly.  When Cindy exclaims how great she’s feeling, that she’s already lost 12 pounds in two weeks and is detoxing in a major way, and feels better than she has felt in 20 years and…  She is interrupted by a friend who asks how she is doing it.  She tells them about Skinny Up!®. They ask questions about the program and offer up anything they can think of, like  “That is not going to work,” “It can’t be healthy,”, “That must be so hard,”, “You deserve some Doritos and a Coke. You’re depriving yourself.”  “Definitely have some wine and some of this chocolate cake.  You’ve been dieting for two whole weeks! You need a break.” Reader, do you recognize this?  Why would those friends who are gals that who truly love Cindy sabotage her in this way?  Do they not want Cindy to be healthy? I don’t think so. Perhaps those saying “It’s not healthy,” are just simply uninformed. For those trying to get her to eat the decadent foods, is the truth that they don’t want to get left behind?  Their friend, Cindy, is changing the course of her future.  She is taking what today is the road less (and less) traveled.  The road where a person doesn’t become an overweight, medicated, non-exercising, in-pain middle-aged person with no energy. Instead, Cindy is choosing to become a middle-aged person with energy and vitality, who enjoys exercise and activity with her friends and family. Perhaps Cindy’s friends see Cindy’s departure from the path they are currently on, and in their panic, they try to keep her on their path.  We hope that Cindy’s huge success and health gains will buoy her through this initial assault.  She can answer their questions and encourage these friends to join her on this “road less traveled,” this road to a more vibrant life. This is a road that everyone is invited to travel. Improved health and vitality; each of us should live on this road. Contact us today or shop online to find all-natural weight loss products and candida cleanses that can help you feel great!**

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