Overfed and Undernourished

Why are we hungry... is that a bad thing?

There’s a reason that we can’t just eat one Lay’s potato chip. It’s filled with everything but potatoes. Chemicals, fillers, nutrients that were taken out in one phase of production and synthetically put back in later in the end product. These chemicals are specifically designed to help you want more, not less. Historically, food used to be lower in calories and higher in nutrients. Now it’s the opposite. The more you eat, the more your want to eat. The density of our foods is less today because most what we eat is fake. With the amazing availability of almost any food on the planet, modern day life has literally turned into the idea that ‘the world is your oyster’. You can pull up to Walmart and fill whatever vehicle you drove there with whatever you’d like. Coca Cola, peanut butter, waffles, steaks. Yikes! Just typing like that can make the mouth water. One of the proud hallmarks of our great society, ‘we never have to go hungry’. We’ve actually made the sensation of experiencing hunger a bad thing, attempting to avoid it at all costs and making sure that we never have the occasion to have something so awful happen to us. We know when we need to go to the bathroom, both number 1 and 2, when we need to vomit, sneeze, go to sleep, wake up...these systems are there for a reason, to keep us consistent, balanced and healthy. In any one of these systems, if we get out of sorts, we pay a particular price. Hunger is no different and yet if that system doesn’t receive proper understanding, it gets out of control and creates an issue that affects all other systems by making us overweight and out of shape. We at Skinny Up!® are dedicated to showing the world that being hungry is a process to be embraced not shunned. By getting control of this vital system that basically controls the wellness of most of the other systems of the body, we become healthier. We show you tips like hot to slow down your eating by taking a small break in the middle of your meal to let things digest or make a fist and compare the amount of food on your plate to the size of the fist, which is the size of your stomach. We teach that snacking is a problem and that it’s over-rated. We teach that eating less doesn’t have to be torturous but instead, liberating. Choose to eat only 2 meals per day during the detox/cleanse phase and then feel what it’s like to not need more than that. We show your how to create the new habit of not needing to eat more than three times per day at the max. At Skinny Up!®, we show you that life can be a journey of making easy food choices that aren’t driven by cravings once the cause is addressed and corrected by controlling yeast overgrowth and toxicity. So, once we get control of ourselves in the form of controlling and understanding the systems that we were created with and listening to them, we are thus in control of our lives again and isn’t that what we are really wanting all along.? Contact Skinny Up!® to get started on controlling the things that you’ve lost control of in your life. It’s easier than you think.

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