Mental Clarity with Skinny Up!

Mental Clarity.

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?  Do you remember back in the day when you had crystal clear mental clarity?  Of course not.  If you don’t have mental clarity, you won’t be able to clearly remember having mental clarity.  In fact, by now, you may not remember the topic of this blog. Ha! My Grandma Della had acute mental clarity right up until her departure from earth at age 99 1/2.  We grandkids all hoped to get her genetics.  Today, ranging in age from 50 -70, I’m not sure any one of us would say our mind clarity matches that of Grandma when she passed.  So did we not get her genetics?  I believe that is not the case.  I believe we got the hardware, but most of us have not nurtured it in the way that she did.


Take a look at her weekly brain memory exercise schedule, begun at age 80:

Sunday: Books of the Bible, Disciples, King David’s lineage up to Jesus Monday: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Preamble The current Supreme Court Judges All the Presidents Anniversary Gifts up to 50th Cheeses of the world Birthstones for each month Flowers for each month 160 words from the Reader’s Digest (this changes) Tuesday: All the counties of South Dakota (her state) All the towns of SD (with and without post offices) Wednesday: North and South America and Australia - countries and states (and their nicknames and year of statehood) Capitals of these countries and states Languages and currencies of these countries Thursday: Europe, Asia, Africa: countries, capitals, language, currency Friday: Worldwide, but main:  oceans, lakes, rivers and big islands and their capitals 40-50 small islands and their capitals Saturday: Highest mountain peaks of North and South America (soon before her death, she had added to this day the current president’s cabinet members)

Does that regimen sound impossible to you?!  She was doing this at age 99; and she was no super-human; she just intuitively followed a few key elements for great health. Keeping the brain sharp takes self-discipline and “exercise”, similar to other muscles you have.  Consider your biceps; if you’d like them to not be flabby and weak you should use them! But there is more to the equation.  Again, consider your biceps.  If you lift weights for your upper body every single day but consume only fast food, Doritoes and Coke, you will soon find that you do not have the strength you should have for all that working out.  If you conversely do the work-outs, but get more intentional and wise with your eating, you’ll find that you can quickly grow the big, beautiful strong biceps you desire.

Nutrition is what it is all about.

That age-old line about “You are what you eat” is completely accurate.  Eat fast-burning sugary high-carb preservative-filled foods and expect  to feel depleted and exhausted; both in brain and body.  Keep eating that way for a long time and expect a constant state of brain-fog, accompanied by chronic fatigue and chronic pain.  When a 55 year-old complains of forgetting the name of the great movie they saw last night, they typically refer to that as a “senior moment”. The truth is that the “senior moment” might actually be due to the build-up of years of evenings filled with popcorn and soda. When a person embarks on the journey through the Skinny Up!® protocol, they are not only going to replace destructive foods with life-giving clean foods, they are going to practice intermittent fasting.  Fasting is simply the opposite of eating.  When we fast, we give the body the opportunity to take its energy off of processing the food we just consumed and divert that energy elsewhere: consumption of dead or dying cellular matter (in effect, “cleaning house” in the body), consumption of stored energy (aka “fat”) and elimination of stored toxins. And because we aren’t consuming sugars, we will have huge die-off of candida, a fungal infection that wreaks havoc on us.  As the candida (aka “yeast”) is pulled out of the brain, along with toxicity, the brain fog is lifted and mental clarity heightened. My Grandma Della practiced some age-old health tricks.  She used a scale daily and if she ever hit her self-imposed weight ceiling, she fasted.  She lived with self discipline in the area of sugar.    She gardened and consumed fresh (or her own preserved) veggies daily.  She also exercised daily, with a morning stretching ritual and daily walks.  And then that daily memory list!  I think she loved showing off to us grandkids with her memory abilities, but is it possible for you and me?  Yes.  I think it is.  So you can memorize all kinds of interesting things, or if you don’t dream that big, for sure you can remember the name of that great movie you went to last night.  I hope you feel encouraged and empowered. “Senior moments” are not something you should easily accept.  You can clean house, both in mind and body.  Let Skinny Up!® lead you through the process.  You are worth it.

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