Open Letter to All Twenty Somethings Who Have Some Weight To Lose

Dear Twenty-Something that Wants to Lose 10 Pounds, Go for it.shutterstock_262396817 We’ve all been there. Most of us have done some type of training or schooling, and have begun in careers. Maybe you have your first child or two. Maybe you’re single and loving it. That’s is all so good. That’s the really cool thing about be twenty-something… we’re all doing various things across the board. One pretty typical part of being twenty-something, though, is that we tend to gain a few pounds since high school. Maybe we kept it off during college, but maybe we fell victim to the freshman fifteen. I am totally not here to body shame. Whatever size you are, you are beautiful. I absolutely believe that a person’s inner beauty is WAY more important and influential than how they look on the outside. While each person is beautiful, just know that if you want to lose those few pounds you’ve gained over the last few years… You definitely can and should. Go for it. Go for it! You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. You’re not being selfish, conceited, or self-important. Figure out what works for you. If that is working out each day and over the next few months you see the weight come off, that’s great. If it’s doing a really intense diet that other people say is overkill, but you feel great, DO IT! It can be really tough living in a world where we are so sensitive to people’s feelings that it feels mean to admit that, “I would like to lose a few pounds.” The mom of the kid we babysit tells us, “You’re so little! You don’t need to diet!” But what if we want to? So go for it. Diet without apologizing and with no shame. You are worth it. Why waste a day feeling less than empowered? No fear! Go for it!

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