9 Myths in Weight Loss

9 Myths in Weight Loss

Watch out.

  1. “Eating low-fat will help you lose weight”
Typically, in order to make something low-fat, manufacturers add sugar to make the low-fat food palatable. This created a massive increase in obesity in the US. To learn more about this myth, check out this article.
  1. “Diet Soda helps me lose weight”
This is actually just a genius marketing scheme that is made to trick people into drinking diet sodas… Some scientists think that the body senses the sweetness of Aspartame at 1200 times that of cane sugar. When the body senses sweetness, it thinks it is sugar, and releases insulin. Well, so much insulin gets released that the body senses stress, therefore releasing your stress hormone, cortisol. Eventually, cortisol will begin to break down the body tissues, while you gain weight and hold water to combat the toxicity levels. To read some more about why diet soda isn’t the cat’s pajamas, click here.
  1. “Exercise makes you lose weight”
Exercise by itself won’t get you to your goal weight. Only when a person begins their weight loss process with proper eating and then adds in exercise will it be helpful or effective. Check out this article that talks about ‘How Exercise Might Be Hindering Your Weight Loss.”
  1. “By-pass surgery is the fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to lose weight”
Gastric Bypass surgery basically cuts away part of your stomach so that a person feels like they are full faster, since there is less to fill up. The problem is that Gastric Bypass can cause some pretty gnarly side effects. One example is called “Dumping Syndrome,” which is where the small intestine fills too quickly with undigested food causing your body to go into a hypoglycemic state. To read more, check this article out.
  1. “Fat burning pills are good for you and help you to lose weight!”
Fat burning pills are usually made to increase your metabolism through falsely increasing the demand of your adrenaline. these diets work initially by increasing your energy until the adrenal glands become exhausted and burn out, which leaves you with metabolic syndrome and the body in then unable to lose weight.
  1. “If it’s gluten free, then eat all you want!”
Typically, the issue as Number 1 with being fat-free. In order to make it taste like something other than cardboard, sugar is added (or worse, sugar substitutes… see Number 2!)
  1. “Box meals from TV stars will help me lose weight”
Sorry gang, turns out the TV stars are being paid to say that… You can eat the prepackaged boxed foods for a while, but eventually you want to eat real food that tastes good. The body runs the show, since we figured out what’s causing all those cravings in the first place, and you turn back to old eating habits. It also costs a lot to get these meals… so I vote no.
  1. “Eat little meals all day long…”
Adrenal exhaustion is the number one, least talked about syndrome in the US today. the body will tolerate eating and increasing the metabolism for a while and if the right foods are taken in at all time, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, the body will eventually head toward higher carbohydrate foods and create yeast problems in the body that create metabolic syndrome as well. Here’s a wealth of information on the topic: click here.
  1. “Visualize the body you want and you’ll lose weight”
Maybe try visualizing the right foods? Detoxify, cleanse, and rehabilitate the gut and energy systems in your body like your adrenal gland, your thyroid, and your organs. You’ll lose weight then.

So what are some weight loss truths?

The reality is, our bodies are not machines. They need real food, your organs and glands need real support, and once everything has what it needs, you will be able to lose weight. It's that simple. So to begin, you need to figure out if there is anything else going on in your body that would hinder weight loss... I'm talking a candida overgrowth, loss of a gallbladder, different medications that are going to slow you down... there are a lot of things that will need to be taken into consideration as you begin trying to lose weight. Once you have those factors figured out, an all-natural weight loss product is helpful when paired with real food. Eventually you should add in some exercise, but don't depend on that to lose the weight (Number 3!). You can lose weight, you really can. Just make sure you're going about it correctly, not wasting time, energy, or resources.  

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