New Head Space

There are some fairly common results that most people report when they lose a significant amount of weight.  Even if you and I have never gone through a weight loss process, we could probably sit down together and brainstorm a list of results that seem obvious to us.  Our list might look like this:
  1. That person who has lost weight is going to be able to walk and move easier, doing it all with less pain.  This will make a regular exercise program something that is more practical and achievable.
  2. We assume this person will feel better about him or herself, resulting in a self-confidence element that might have been missing altogether, or at the very least, was much lower.
  3. Perhaps you and I are aware of the many ways that obesity can affect overall health, including but not limited to, issues like blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, etc.  The list is long.  The benefits of weight loss seem obvious.  We get it.

But do we?

Here are some other thoughts to consider.  Quite often, the person who is overweight became that way for a reason other than the fact that they have little self-control and love to eat fast food burgers and fries everyday followed by buckets of ice cream with M&M’s sprinkled on top.  Those reasons for becoming overweight are uniquely individual, but having been a coach/cheerleader of folks losing weight for many years now, I can make this observation:  when tough trials and events happen in our lives, we often deal with those life events through food and drink.  A well-loved family member passes away, and we turn to food and/or drink for solace.  A crime is perpetrated against us and we use food or drink to insulate the pain.  (This becomes habit, and we never turn back.)  Or even the contrary: life is going really well, money is no issue and we’ve developed a “lazy” lifestyle of always dining out on decadent foods (and drinks).

So back to changes as a result of weight loss.  Most often, the best results are not even the physical ones.

When a person has gained weight due to insulating themselves from tragedy, now when they go through the process of weight loss they also typically deal with the emotions of the tragedy.  It’s like with each pound peeled away, the person takes another peek at the tragedy/loss and deals with the event a little bit more.  It is tough work, well-earned, and so worth it.  They can finally heal emotionally and get into head space where they can live in a healthy way. And of course, there are so many of us who can’t pinpoint tragedy as the moment we really started heading into excess weight gain.  We just know that life is tough, stressful, busy, and it just is so much easier to grab fast food and hit the couch, rather than think about nutrition and foods that I would have to plan, purchase and prepare.  But when we can lose the weight through learning to prep and eat real, nutritious food, we develop habits that launch us into an entirely different lifestyle. What I’m getting at is that there is such a sense of Victory in losing the weight.  When a 50 year old woman drops 25 pounds in a month, it changes the course of her life.  She had already gotten used to the idea that she would take medication for her Type 2 Diabetes for the rest of her life.  She would have a big matronly belly like Grandma’s, and never go water-skiing again.  But after the weight loss, she’s shopping for a new suit to hit the lake with her kids.  She’s eager to go to her doctor to see if she even still needs medication.  She trains for a 10K and is considering going for her Masters. Anything is possible when we feel great and can move like we did when we were 25.

Energy.  Vitality.  Empowerment.  These are there for the taking.  For you.

I hope that you’ll consider weight loss and detox.  At Skinny Up!®, we use very specific nutritional support for your organs that will work so hard during the process.  You will lose tremendous weight and you will also clean out years of toxicity that your body has locked up tight.

Become new again.  You are worth it.

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