Why Eating Less is a Good Thing

Eating less allows the body to concentrate on something besides digesting food.

Food is important, don’t get me wrong. The body is built for digestion but when we spend, say, 23 out of every 24 hours digesting the food that we ate during that day, when do we have time to allow the body to work on the other things that need to be digested?  Other components of the body depend on our energy to work in their departments as well.  One example is the unbelievably important immune enhancing lymphatic system. Lymph is an amazing fluid that carries the byproducts of metabolic waste away from the body.  It has components of its tributaries and drainage system located in the thymus gland, lymph nodes, spleen, liver and even your tonsils.  Your lymph system is actually a transport system for your white blood cells as well, allowing them to get to their destination where disease is occurring. Then the lymph transports the toxins and bacteria back to the lymph nodes and out of the body. Additionally, research has begun to find that the lymph system is actually fighting cancer and moving cancer cells out of the body using this system as a transport. Now that’s amazing.  By reducing the amount of food, drink, and chemical assault on the body, the lymph system is able to do its job more easily and more appropriately. Toxicity in our food and water supplies is of real concern considering the fact that we spray millions of pounds of chemicals on the majority of our foods. We add sweeteners to our food and drink which causes the body to not know what to do with the sludge that is created by this barrage of toxic garbage.

So, when we eat less, we give the body the chance to concentrate on its toxic issues and render them as harmless as possible.

Lymph is primarily activated by doing exercise and deep breathing.  It’s through contraction of muscle tissue that causes movement of lymph fluid that carries waste particulates away from the cells and extracellular fluid. The body uses many different avenues to help us get rid our bodies of the sludge and muck that is locked in the different areas of our alimentary tract, cells and extracellular regions. Some of those avenues are through the sinuses, throat, or by sweating, as well as breathing outward and by going to the bathroom.  By allowing the body to rest instead of constantly using all of its energy to digest and deal with toxic overload, the systems work much more normally. The energy is then given to areas that need attention like killing disease and illness, and building strength in our structural systems of bone, ligaments, tendons and musculature.  These systems depend on having excellent building materials with which to work, build, and maintain proper tone and structure in the soft tissues. We truly are what we eat and if we eat well and only what we really need, we give our bodies a fighting chance to survive well with less pain and much less inflammation through easy digestion that is able to work efficiently and purposefully.

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