Multi-Tasking in Weight Loss Support -7 Ways Skinny Up! Reduce Multi-Tasks

Mothers are well known to be multi-taskers.  Right now I’ve got veggies roasting in the oven, laundry going, a horse on the walker, I’m waving at the ChemLawn guy about where to spray in the front while watering the lawn in the back.   I’m on hold on the phone with the TV service because they are emailing me that the cc on file is expired; all this while I’m washing dishes, singing to my baby in a pack on my back, and blogging.  Sheesh! So it is refreshingly appropriate to have a nutritional line that is also a multi-tasking Force of Nature.  While nearly all weight loss support products on the market are designed to just help a person lose weight, Skinny Up! products are all designed with much more support in mind. Did you know that Skinny Up! Reduce drops do all this:
  • Affect the hypothalamus in an effort to re-engage and support a person’s metabolism

  • Help the body to target the stored nutrition in the visceral fat. A person burns 2000-3000 calories daily, thereby drastically reducing any chances of hunger
  • Improve digestion
  • Energize the adrenal/thyroid complex
  • Support the liver and kidneys in the work of detoxification
  • Support the gall bladder
  • Kill Candida
Wow. Now that’s multi-tasking.

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