My journey through Skinny Up! Part Two

As promised, I want to share the second part of my Skinny Up! Journey. It is only fair to reveal all parts of the story as it is up and down and true to most other’s Skinny Up! experience. To recap, I began April 1st at 149 pounds. I wanted to see if I could lose 10-15 and was optimistic about trying something different. My first twelve days were incredible. I lost 10 pounds so quickly, broke through a common weight loss stall, and felt clarity, focus, inspiration. You can read the full blog here. Day 11 - this is the day I concluded part one. The day I did the Skinny Dance. The day I was in my 130s again, which I haven’t seen since high school.139.8 Day 12 - so I knew plateau was bound to happen. I congratulated myself on sticking with the protocol even though I didn’t see the scale move. 139.8 Day 13 - even what may seem like small progress is still progress! 139.2 Day 14 - wait, what? I went up a little today, though I’m keeping in mind weight loss is not linear, as well as focusing on the variables in my own life. Sleeping enough? Getting plenty of water? Minimal stress? 139.6 Day 15 - most of the time, if we are patient, and let our body catch up, it will be back to burning off the unwanted fat cells. 138 *Day 16 - on Day 16 it was clear to me why my weight loss was at a crawl. My hormones were a little off and my body had been extra stressed. Life happens. 138 Day 17 - allowing myself extra rest during this time was beneficial. 137.6 Day 18 - yes, even two tenths of a pound counts! 137.4 Day 19 - this is getting exciting! Will I make it below 135? 136.6 Day 20 - *commence more Skinny Dancing* 135.6 Day 21 - and today when the scale didn’t budge, I coached myself, “keep going, you’re almost there!” 135.6 Day 22 - closer. 135.4 Day 23 - Monday, April 23rd - I DID IT! 134

WHHAAAATTT? In 23 days, I had effortlessly shed 15 pounds. 15 pounds! 

Never in my life has weight loss and detox been so simple. I feel fantastic, alive, energetic, awake. I’ve reset my gut health, which has reset my mind. This painless process has me motivated and empowered. I made it past the stuck. I *am* worth it. I celebrated this same day by treating myself to a new outfit from Plato’s Closet. And I have to say, this is the first time I felt the dressing room mirror was rooting for me, instead of plotting sabotage. Though I had experienced so much success, I was gearing up for Retrain. The Retrain Phase is what makes the weight loss stick. It prevents me from gaining back by resetting my hypothalamus and training my mind and body to know this is the new normal. And Retrain felt scarier. Reduce had held my hand, given direction on exactly what to do and when, and now I would have more freedom. And freedom can be frightening - and essential. I hadn’t experienced this type of win in the past, so I didn’t know yet what it would mean to trust myself, trust my choices, trust my body knows what to do and *is* on my side. Along with adding in fats, oils and a variety of healthy foods, I would be also add movement back into my life. Tracking my progress, baby steps, and closely monitoring what works for me personally would be key.   While I won’t detail the day to day progress, I will share: Retrain was a roller coaster. At one point I went up four pounds in a few days and implemented the biggest, most delicious steak day, which stripped five pounds away in the following two days. I was steadfast and kept a trusting attitude, growing my awareness and confidence in knowing what works for me.

Week 1: 135

Week 2: 135.8

Week 3: 136.8

End of Retrain - 136.8

You’ll notice, I gained a few pounds during Retrain and I was also kickboxing, doing hot yoga, and hiking at least every other day, so I consider my end weight a major success. My body continued to reshape, I was able to buy jeans three sizes smaller and my stomach is completely flat. I am healthy from the inside out and have gained a wealth of information. Information that will keep the weight off forever if I choose to apply it. I now know what works, and this changes everything. Thank you, Skinny Up! for being the catalyst out of the stagnant place, and the motivator toward all I’ve wanted to become!

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