My journey through Skinny Up!

I’ve never been skinny. Really. Well, for one year of adolescence between junior high and high school, I was tiny. Briefly, you know, before growth caught up to me. Otherwise, my weight has been average. My build is average. Even when I’ve been the most fit, I was still thicker and frequently felt bloated. So as you may assume, maintaining a healthy weight has been a struggle for me since pretty early. Most people are frustrated about maintenance later in life: 30s, 40s, 50s and later, though I had the opportunity to begin the work of understanding my body around age 16. I didn’t know as sophomore in high school daily cross-country practice would not cancel out the ice cream sandwiches I’d eat at lunch. I mean, it seemed to work, for a little while on the outside, and then caught up rapidly when I quit running. I believe I gained around 10-15 pounds the next few years of school. I had no thought to pay attention to the quality of my food, let alone understand how healthy works from the inside out. Little by little, I’d grow to understand the importance of intake and nutrition. I’d learn how rest is the cornerstone of health and fitness. I’d yo-yo between a healthy homeostasis and a few pounds or more overweight. More recently, I’d go through major life changes which added stress and grief - and you guessed it - emotional and physical weight to my body. The return to my healthy-ideal weight was going to happen. I promised myself this, though I was at a loss of how I’d actually achieve it.

So here I am: 32, active, could afford losing 10-15 pounds and craving a detox.

And in walks Skinny Up! Well, not literally. I walked into their office for the interview and knew right away I wanted to be involved with this company. I was thrilled to begin working alongside people so dedicated to the health and wellness of others. The more I learned about the product, the more anxious I was to begin. Honestly, this felt like the missing piece. So, I glanced at the calendar and planned to kick off my loading days over Easter weekend. I know anything new with the potential to drastically affect our life let alone reshape our biological makeup can be scary, so I decided to keep a journal detailing my thoughts, results, and reactions throughout the protocol. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to some of my emotions along the journey?

Thoughts and mood before beginning protocol:

exhausted, frustrated, feeling a little hopeless, though excited to give Skinny Up! a chance, feeling disconnected, feeling like these types of things work for everyone else except me. Also a little weary of taking a break from working out as I am used to being active five to six days a week. Goals: detox my entire system, complete the 23 day protocol, feel more awake and energized, shed at least 10 pounds and maybe 20, have a better understanding of my body, know what works.  




Wow - these days are fun!! Talk about prepping to diet! My loading days fell on a holiday weekend so I had the pleasure of enjoying meals - guilt free! When you are planning your SkinnyUp! Process, I recommend being strategic with your kick-off loading days. Eating high fatty foods will condition your body for the exciting next few weeks. You’ll begin burning the fat you consumed on loading days and when you switch to the VLCD, your body will know to target the visceral fat for this same nutrition. The better you load, the better you lose. Day 3 - felt mental clarity, focused and awake during work Day 4 - weighed myself in the morning and already down two pounds! 147 Day 5 - is this for real, down two more! 144.6 Day 6 - feeling fantastic and refreshed. Any other time I’ve attempted a diet, I did not have the Skinny Up! Drops to support me. The difference is palpable. PS. one more pound!  143.6 Day 7 - today was interesting. I worked a crazy schedule over the weekend and only slept three hours the night before. I stepped on the scale to see I’d gone up a bit. Hmm. I value this feedback as information, knowing it had to be the lack to sleep. So, noted, and keep going. 144 Day 8 - stepped on the scale to see my suspicions confirmed. I simply needed a bit more sleep. Down three pounds. 141.6 Day 9 - and it continues! I am loving this because it feels so straightforward. I follow directions, I see results. The meals have been delicious too and I haven’t even began to experiment with the recipes! 141.2 Day 10 - this is the fastest I’ve seen results - ever. 140.8 Day 11 - definitely did the Skinny Dance this morning! I have not been in the 130s since running cross country in high school. 139.8   And currently, I’m just about halfway and celebrating my efforts and progress with a massage this afternoon. I highly suggest you are also building in your own reward system as you are completing the protocol! It makes the little milestones more enjoyable and reframes the idea of dieting. In fact, calling it dieting doesn’t even cover the reach of what we’re doing - how about taking control of our lives? Saying yes to health? Writing our future? Changing the world?! You are so worth this. We all are. If you haven’t yet begun the Skinny Up! Protocol, I encourage you to take a chance on yourself today. Visit our website: or call today!

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