How to sleep better.

Do you suck at sleeping? Seriously, I feel like some people are gifted sleepers who are able to sleep through anything, no matter what they ate, no matter the amount of caffeine currently pumping through their veins… No matter what. I am not one of those people. If I can make it to 4am, we’re going to call that a good night. What makes the difference? I know there are a lot of theories out there about needing to establish a good sleep cycle, or making sure that you don’t look at anything that lights up as you try to go to sleep, but what is the bottom line? The real reasoning for why we don’t sleep well? I’ve just completed a round of Skinny Up! and I noticed that I’ve been sleeping better ever since. I thought it was because I’m getting busier at work, so I must be worn out. But then I talked to another lady who is doing Skinny Up! and she said that her sleeping habits have drastically gotten better. Well, that got me curious. What is going on? I got through to the formulator and creator of Skinny Up! to see if doing this protocol would really make a difference? His answer: YES! Here’s what I learned: 1. The brain is made of fat. 2. Our normal diets cause our fat to become toxic. 3. Our brain fat becomes toxic. 4. When we do the Skinny Up! Protocol, we are detoxifying fat cells, which is why it becomes so much easier to think straight, but why we would also be able to sleep better. Dr. Venekamp informed me that when we clean up our fat cells, we allow our hormones to become clean as well, so everything starts balancing out. Once that balance is achieved, we get to sleep! So what about the Skinny Up! Protocol makes sleeping happen compared to other types of dieting or detox strategies? Well, turns out just plain watching what you’re eating is going to help. But, to make it faster than any other program, Skinny Up! utilizes nutrients to kill Candida yeast and get rid of toxins in your fat cells so that you’ll be reaching your sleep goals in a matter of days instead of weeks. Turns out, your body wants to operate well and correctly, but we can’t seem to give it what it needs in order to do that. So let’s get our cells balanced and feeling good, and I bet even more good things (and dreams!) will follow. So… practical steps:
  1. Go ahead and create and work towards a schedule of some type. Don’t expect to sleep until 10 AM and then be able to fall asleep at 8 PM.
  2. Eat well. Stop eating crap and expecting to feel healthy. Crap eating=Crap feeling. Healthy eating=Healthy feeling.
  3. Give your body and brain the chance to start from square one… to not have to fight candida constantly. A good, all-natural candida fighter is Skinny Up! Yeast Redux. This has cut away my yeast symptoms from the source, and my doctor says it has cleared up the problem.
  4. Stick with it. Remember that eating fast food every day, nursing a coke, getting fru-fru drinks from the coffee shop too often… all of that: it all contributes to candida overgrowth. So stick with being healthy. Stay on Yeast Redux, eat healthy food.
All of these steps will lead to healthy sleep. Once candida is killed off, your hormones will become balanced again, and sleep will follow! Sweet dreams!

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