Feel Good About Your Weight Loss Journey With A Healthy Body Image

It’s not easy in today’s society to truly feel good about all aspects of yourself. Even models talk about going through spurts of depression due to feelings of insecurity. There are so many outside factors influencing our  perception of beauty and pushing peoples’ thoughts away from realistic expectations. This shift of an ideal body image seems to be moving more and more toward unachievable body goals. In a world where social media filters and photo-editing are the norm, it’s hard to tell what’s even real anymore. 

Society tells us all what we should strive to look like. But achieving society’s version of the ideal body is close to impossible due to the typical American diet filled with trans fats, high carbs and unnatural additives and preservatives. The popularity of junk foods and the lack of nutrition in everyday eating are both considered prime suspects in the trend of weight gain across the country. Another key factor includes the lack of education about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

The History Behind Body Image And It’s Importance In Culture

Historically, a woman’s body and it’s proximity to the ideal image of the current time has effectively given her power. In fact, up until about the 1900s curvy figures were seen as a more ideal figure due to the correlation those dimensions had with child bearing and availability to an abundance of food.

Starting in the 18th century, however, a slimmer waist was introduced to compliment the voluptuous figure due to the introduction and acceptance of the brassiere and corset. European elitist culture turned the tide of where beauty was going and from then on a thinner frame became more sought after.  

The Modern Ideal Body Vs A Healthy Body

Beauty ideals have changed a lot since the Victorian era, but many of those changes can be attributed to similar factors acting on the cutting edge of technology. Modern day technological advances in beauty standards like plastic surgery, fat sculpting and even makeup can be seen as more of the same. Constantly trying to push women to look more youthful and capable of child bearing has long been the goal of powerful people across history and that trend has only been pushed further and further in modern times.

Women, however, are pushing back like never before. The acceptance of plus sized body figures and fashion, meant to be worn by curvier individuals, is on the rise. Even more importantly, though, the acceptance and encouragement of health as a priority is continually more talked about and emphasized across the country.


Keep your body physically and mentally healthy

How Science Labels Underweight To Obese

The BMI or Body Mass Index  is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. It is often used to determine how healthy someone is and if a person is  underweight or overweight. The waist circumference to height ratio and waist to hip ratio are also used to let individuals know if they are at high risk of such things as heart disease, high blood pressure and type two diabetes. 

Although this is a widely used and relatively accepted method of knowing whether or not your weight could be deemed unhealthy there are always going to be other factors that can help dictate if a certain weight is healthy. Blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat percentages can also be useful tools to make sure individuals stay within a healthy range.

Positive Attributes Of Having A Positive Attitude While Losing Weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, some days are easier than others when it comes to getting up at it. Other days it’s easy to feel deterred or discouraged. It happens to everyone. Even world class athletes have off days. The outside world and it’s contributors affect how we approach our daily lives. When the world has you down, the motivation or extra energy to keep your diet intact or get you to the gym may not be there. When it feels like your surroundings are out to get you, it can seem like “why bother”, right? 


If you’re able to keep a positive attitude toward your own body and be confident in yourself then that in itself is a commendable achievement. Feeling comfortable with the way you look in today’s day and age is something that takes a significant amount of confidence, mental strength and stability.

Fat Acceptance And Body Image Acceptance Are Different

Let’s face it, it’s hard to be body confident and body positive with a barrage of negative factors coming into play. The internet and social media can be brutal, nowadays, and there are trolls at every corner to try and make you feel bad about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re slightly overweight, just look different, talk different or think differently, people can be cruel!

Body shaming in popular culture has become a very sad reality and needs to be addressed on a world scale. The fact that children as young as five are now feeling the pressure to look a certain way is truly a sad reality for future generations. 

    1. Body Positivity means you feel comfortable with your body and the way you look. Judging value or self worth because of body negativity puts people at higher risk of mental health disorders like depression and eating disorders.
    2. Body Acceptance means that negativity from the media, peers, or family members is overcome by constantly working on positive body image practices.
    3. Fat Acceptance can be about accepting your body but it can also go hand and hand with losing weight. It all comes down to losing the weight in a healthy manner. Individuals who resort to eating disorders are likely to develop more serious disorders down the road.

How Constantly Worrying About Weight Can Actually Be Counterproductive

People try to lose weight for different reasons. One person might feel unhealthy with their weight while another person may be having feelings of insecurity. The day and age we live in has proven to be particularly harsh when it comes to what is an acceptable weight. Unfortunately, here in the U.S, over the last thirty years, obesity and extreme obesity numbers have become somewhat concerning. Society’s higher standards and expectations of bodies and health have likely had an inverse effect on how people see their health and accept weight gain.

It seems very human of us to get caught up in the idea of an ideal weight or perfect body. Our culture has become somewhat obsessed with chasing an often unobtainable, or even fake figure. Something that was developed with technology and not natural physique of fitness. A chart was developed from an equation to measure whether or not a certain weight is acceptable according to height. Social media is flooded with influencers and models and the young now grow up thinking that is the way they are supposed to look. This has been directly correlated to children as young as five feeling self conscious about weight or unconfident about their appearance.

The cards seem to be stacked against most normal people with normal bodies. The fact of the matter is there is nothing good that comes from obsessing over your weight and appearance all the time. In fact, studies show that stressing out all the time about things that are out of your control can actually make keeping weight off and having good mental health more difficult. It’s extremely important to learn how to be happy with yourself and your body but also just learn to live a healthy life and stick with the good habits that help you get there.

weight loss goals are great but should be achieved through healthy means

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