The Concerns Of Leaky Gut With Your Candida Cleanse Experts Part 1

Up until recently, medical scientists could not put their collective finger on the culprit behind a wide range of health issues. Medical science once held that the hypochondriasis (stomach) was the source for a number of health problems, but newer advances disproved this thought process. These days, doctors are now realizing the full scope of concerns surrounding intestinal permeability. More commonly known as “leaky gut,” this medical concern is quickly garnering attention toward the digestive system as the starting point for full-body health. Doctors across the globe are now realizing the true extent to which our gut affects our overall wellness. When harmful agents such as Candida albicans enter the body, serious health concerns can develop. Skinny Up!® is here to serve as your all-natural Candida cleanse, supplying our doctor-approved Yeast Redux to help yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract. By utilizing the healthiest ingredients, our Candida treatment seeks to restore balance to your gut and promote optimal healing. The healing aspect of our yeast cleanse helps to restore the damages brought on by leaky gut.* Today, we’ll highlight what leaky gut is and the negative effects it can have in your life. If you’re looking for a leaky gut supplement to help promote proper balance and health in your digestive tract, be sure to try a bottle of our Yeast Redux today!

What Causes Leaky Gut?

To begin, we’ll explain what the term “gut” means. This regularly used term is used to encompass your gastrointestinal tract, which includes your esophagus, intestines, and more. Your digestive system is the source for food processing and nutrient uptake. From the table to the toilet, your gut plays a major role in the regulation of your body in regards to nutrition and storing energy. Leaky gut comes from issues surrounding the gut barrier. Also known as the intestinal barrier, this protective layer helps to protect the body from outside invaders. Our guts are actually serve as the largest barrier between our bodies and the outside world, not our skin! Any materials that enter our body must go through the intestinal tract to be broken down and used for nutrients, stored as energy, or eliminated as waste. As such, the gut barrier is semipermeable, meaning that nutrients can pass through while toxins and waste remain behind. Your body relies on acids and digestive enzymes to help break down food particles into their most basic components. Once broken down, these particles can be transported through the body where they are needed. Your intestines have a mucus lining that serves to prevent pathogens and microbes from attacking or passing through your gut. Specialized cells called enterocytes wil link together to create a protective layer to protect your body from harmful pathogens. Any organisms or particles that make it through the barrier are typically met by immune cells within the body that activate to control this new threat.  

Thinning Your Defenses

While the body has a number of defenses to keep the digestive tract balanced and healthy, outside elements can infiltrate and sabotage your body’s ability to protect itself. The enterocytes in your digestive tract serve to transfer nutrients from inside your gut to the outside while keeping all other materials safely stored inside the gut to be transported as waste. When the body is inundated with a Candida overgrowth, the high prevalence of organisms attacking your gut microbiota will result in inflammation. While inflammation is a normal immune response for the body, long-term bouts of this swelling, or “physiological inflammation,” can begin to damage the cells protecting your gut from danger. Yeast can grow and overpower the enterocytes in the body, coating the lining of your gut and attaching to the barrier walls.

What Happens When the Gut Leaks?

While under assault, the lining of your digestive tract will begin to produce microscopic holes, allowing harmful agents and pathogens to leak out of the gut and into your bloodstream or your lymphatic system. The substances that escape into your bloodstream consist of undigested proteins, infectious agents, and waste products. The result of hazardous substances travelling through the body is an immune response, including the release of cytokines that travel the body and send it signals on where the white blood cells should attack. The liver is also used in full force, as this vital organ is utilized to process toxins and support immune functions. When your body begins to send pathogens everywhere, inflammation becomes a normal full-body response. Leaky gut can be a very debilitating disease, yet it is also very elusive when trying to diagnose. Next time, we’ll conclude our look into this serious health concern by discussing the challenges of diagnosing leaky gut as well as the treatment options available. By focusing on the cause of the issues and the best results, our experts have been able to create a safe solution that can help you to protect your body. If you’re worried about your gut health, it may prove beneficial to try a safe, effective Candida cleanse.* Skinny Up!® was created to be a natural weight loss supplement that targets stored body fat for energy. Our Candida supplement — Yeast Redux — aims to provide all of the natural ingredients needed to help restore the good bacteria in your digestive tract. Our leaky gut treatment is FDA-approved and can help you to regain control over your diet and livelihood. Contact us today to learn more about our products or browse our shop to find the perfect Skinny Up!® product for your needs!

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