The Concerns Of Leaky Gut With Your Candida Cleanse Experts Part 2

Our modern society is reeling from a wide range of increasingly common health concerns. From poor diet to obesity, Americans are now finding it harder and harder to stay healthy and in control of their bodies. You are what you eat, and modern advances in health and science have pointed toward diet as a central source for overall health. As a fanatic about full body health, Skinny Up!® is proud to supply your doctor-approved Candida cleanse. Candida overgrowth is more prevalent than ever due to the overuse of antibiotics and the sugary foods available today. Our yeast cleanse serves to help you take control of your body, delivering all-natural ingredients to help you restore your digestive tract and regain your energy and clarity.* One major health issue that has been gaining momentum over the years centers around the permeability of your digestive tract. Leaky gut is one ailment that is as elusive as it is prevalent, impacting your quality of life and leaving you frustrated in the process. Today, we’ll continue to discuss the in’s and out’s of leaky gut, including our answer to help you stop sugar cravings and brain fog. Be sure to try our Yeast Redux Candida supplement today to feel the difference for yourself!

Why is Leaky Gut so Hard to Diagnose?

While likely a prevalent issue, this illness can be very hard to diagnose. One reason that many individuals never seek medical attention is due to the fact that leaky gut shows symptoms that are often very common in nature and can be explained by a number of different causes. Symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, sugar cravings, and skin issues are all possible when dealing with leaky gut, yet each of these signs can be explained by another illness.

Who Gets Leaky Gut?

Technically speaking, we all have leaky guts, as our gut linings are permeable to allow nutrients to pass through. There are numerous reasons why an individual can develop leaky gut, ranging from genetics to lifestyle habits. A large number of chronic diseases have been known to enhance leaky gut issues, including diabetes, Celiac disease, arthritis, autoimmune hepatitis, and more. Healthy individuals who have been prescribed an array of antibiotics can also ail from leaky gut complications, as the equalizing of biotics in your digestive tract can allow yeast to grow and thrive. We are not all likely to develop gut issues, yet this ailment can remain low-key, sitting quietly for years while hurting your body. It’s important to make lifestyle changes now to help prevent unwanted complications later on.

Can I Test for Leaky Gut?

Yes. While not foolproof, tests exist that may point toward intestinal permeability as the cause of ailments. Numerous methods are available, but you can rely on a couple of commonly used approaches:
  • The Lactulose/Mannitol Test is a popular method that measures the absorption rate in the small intestine and the barrier function in the bowel. Lactulose and mannitol, both non-metabolized sugars, are ingested. After six hours, a urine test is collected to measure how much of these sugars were passed. If you have a leaky gut, your body will likely produce a high count of these substances.
  • Array 2 Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen is a fancy new piece of technology that effectively measures the permeability of your intestines. Additionally, this method is used to identify the damaging route that has been placed in your intestinal barrier.
Most professionals claim that the best approach for testing for a leaky gut is to skip paying for the test and focus on healthy life changes. No matter the diagnosis, the treatment protocol will be the same.

How Can I Fix my Leaky Gut?

The best way to ensure a positive change in your life is to improve your daily habits. The goal is to create a comprehensively healthy approach for your nutrition. Many sufferers of leaky gut will look at their nutrition and omit inflammatory foods to help determine the problem products and avoid them entirely. Substances such as medications and alcohol can introduce a lot of toxins to your body, making it necessary to cut out these materials as much as possible. It’s important to remember that leaky gut can come from a wide range of causes, and improving your diet will likely not be enough to provide noticeable improvements. Skinny Up!® is here to serve as a natural and modern leaky gut supplement, providing you with the nutrients needed to restore your gut’s balance and promote healing. Ingredients such as red clover help by purifying the blood, blocking yeast production and encouraging healing along the gut’s lining. Our Candida treatment can help you to take control of your body, fighting unhealthy sugar cravings and restoring mental clarity.** While our product may not be the cure-all for leaky gut, all of our ingredients are crafted an in FDA-certified lab to improve your health and digestion for long-term results. Contact us today to learn more about our Candida cleanse or browse our shop to buy a bottle of Yeast Redux for yourself!

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