5 Things You Can Do to Help Set Your New Weight

1. Fast intermittently

This is a simple way to measure whether or not you’re giving your body too much food. Intermittent fasting is a great way to limit the amount of food that you consume in a given day. If keeping a schedule for eating is too much for every day, you could fast intermittently a few days each week.

Limiting the amount of food that you eat is a great way to be mindful of your food intake. We’re definitely not saying to not eat! Intermittent fasting simply allows you to do so mindfully and with purpose.


2. Deal with candida yeast overgrowth

Candida yeast overgrowth is the typical cause of sugar cravings. Many who deal with cravings know that the struggle is real and that when we really want something… they want it bad.

But imagine a world where that didn’t happen. Where you simply got hungry during the day without cravings foods that you know aren’t good for you.

Check out this article for more information on how to deal with candida yeast overgrowth quickly and effectively.


3. Take inventory of your emotional and mental health

Emotional and mental health are a vital piece of the weight loss journey. For so many, physical health when it comes to weight loss or gain are somewhat dependent on mental and emotional health.

So, it’s important to ask yourself, “How am I doing? What triggers me? How do I handle stress?”

Sometimes, life happens and we need to grab some fast food or have a drink or meet up with a friend over a great meal. Those are all okay and often just what we need in order to maintain good, whole health. But, has it become a pattern?

Just thinking it through and having some honest conversation with yourself is a great first step. From there, talk with a trustworthy friend, start journaling and meditation, join a new class or community group, or connect with a professional. Your health is important and weight loss maintenance is a part of our health.


4. Utilize Skinny Up!® Maintain and Skinny Up!® Daily

These two products, Skinny Up!® Maintain and Skinny Up!® Daily are both designed with weight loss maintenance in mind.

Skinny Up!® Maintain includes amino acids to help keep your blood sugar levels nice and even. This product also contains components that are designed to keep you operating at your very best. Designed to be taken during the Retrain Phase of the Skinny Up!® protocol, Skinny Up!® Maintain helps the brain to recognize and accept the new normal body weight, hunger level, and metabolic rate.

Skinny Up!® Daily has daily health in mind. Lowering stress is the goal of this daily health product and Skinny Up!® Daily achieves this by including support for the renal system (kidneys), digestive system, and gut, all while supporting rest patterns. By keeping overall stress levels low on the various systems that work so hard at keeping you going, the body is much better able to maintain weight loss.


5. Find ways to relieve stress

Stress causes a person to react in many different ways. For many, stress causes a person to consume extra food or seek out food that isn’t very helpful for weight loss maintenance purposes. Stress also causes the body to sense that something must be happening, and therefore, it needs to hang on to extra nutrition and water to keep you safe and healthy.

As stress levels decrease, the body is able to let some of that excess go. In order to stay at your new weight, keeping stress under control is key.

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