3 Issues That Hinder Weight Loss

1 - Candida Overgrowth

As the typical cause of sugar cravings, candida overgrowth can be detrimental in the weight loss journey. It is extremely difficult to stick with a strict eating plan when your body and brain are screaming for the very thing you need to say ‘no’ to.   The over judicious use of antibiotic therapy (mainly coming from our meat sources) along with poor nutritional decisions is typically the cause of candida yeast overgrowth. What happens is that the gut’s normal flora (a combination of about 85% good bacteria with about 15% candida) gets wiped out. This leaves the door wide open for candida to grow and spread.Once the gut becomes overrun with candida, the overgrowth can become systemic. Systemic candida yeast overgrowth reaches all the way to the brain where it begins controlling some of your decision-making by demanding sugar and carbohydrates.   This process makes it difficult to lose weight and then even more difficult to keep it off in the long run.  

2 - Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance = Prolonged Sugar Addiction   Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome (as it’s commonly known) is what happens in the body when the pancreas gets exhausted. The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin, so when a person’s diet is poor, constantly eating carbohydrates, sugars, grains, and convenience foods, the pancreas is continually called into action.   What’s really happening? Prolonged effects of sugar stress on the body!   Here’s the big idea: A diet high in simple carbohydrates: sugars, grains, and high fructose corn syrup leads to insulin resistance that can, in turn, lead to almost every other disease known to man. This chronic stress on the pancreas creates a cascading effect throughout the entire body’s systems. Insulin is considered to be the ‘Mother Hormone’ of the body it is the most powerful and most important hormone in the body. The body looks to insulin to see ‘how we’re doing here’. If it is good, most other systems are good. If it’s bad, all other systems of the body begin to deteriorate.   Insulin resistance can happen in almost any organ and attendant symptoms and diseases will eventually subside there. If it happens in the liver, then type 2 diabetes will begin. In the kidney? Renal failure. Metabolic syndrome in the brain: Alzheimer’s disease.   Have you ever had prolonged or chronic stress in life? This can be nutritional, structural, psychological, or emotional. Addictions, relationship problems, and physical problems can all build up stress in the body. When the body gets stressed, we start reaching for foods to offer comfort starting a downward spiral.   The Cardinal Sign of Insulin Resistance: the weight no longer comes off anymore.   It’s a trust issue at this point. Your body no longer trusts you and therefore will not allow any water or weight to be released. It’s trying to make the best survival decision every second of its existence, and eating endless sugar, white flour, high-fructose corn syrup, and the like, along with all the toxicity that is packed into those same foods, makes for tricky and sometimes painful outcomes.   What the body knows for sure is that…’I’m not giving anything up right now.’  

3 - Adrenal Exhaustion and Thyroid Deficiency

Our adrenal glands are basically our battery reserves. They are little almond-shaped glands that sit on our kidneys. They produce adrenaline. Adrenaline gives us the energy to take on the challenges of the day. Day after day they continue to give us energy seemingly unending, limitless energy that allows us to feel alive and vibrant.   Then the stress of life happens. We don’t sleep as well or as much as we should. We stay out too late, too often. We tend to make poor food and drink choices and suddenly we’re exhausted and can’t catch up and then begins the true meaning of…stress!   When the adrenals become overloaded and run out of power, they can begin to borrow energy from the thyroid. Sometimes, people (especially women) are diagnosed with thyroid issues when it is actually the adrenal glands that need attention.  

What can be done to help the adrenal glands and therefore the thyroid?

  1. Actively destress. Take account of the things you’re doing in life and think through what is necessary, what is a priority, what makes life great, and what drains. Think through how you spend your time, the types of conversations you have, the people you’re surrounding yourself with.
  2. Support the adrenal-thyroid complex with proper supplementation. We’re talking things like dandelion root, B vitamins, grape seed extract… talk with your health advisor about how to help support your adrenals in the best way for you.
  3. Stop eating food that is terrible for you. Eating and drinking foods that are high in sugar suppress the immune system, adding stress to the body. Eating and drinking foods that are high in artificial or toxic substances require much more work for your body to break down and cleanout… adding stress to the body. So do yourself a favor and eat foods that are loving towards your body.
  4. Drink lots of water. Water helps your body operate. Without water, it takes more effort to stay at a good temperature, the kidneys have a more difficult time cleaning your blood, the liver has a more difficult time flushing out toxicity. Water helps every system run smoothly. Not enough water means more stress.
The Skinny Up!® Protocol is designed to help alleviate all of these issues so that no matter what your body is going through, the body will be supported and able to lose weight. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux specifically targets and kills candida yeast overgrowth. The Skinny Up!® Protocol limits the amount of sugar you take in to give your body a chance to stabilize its insulin levels. Skinny Up!® Reduce and Skinny Up!® Daily are designed to support all of the organs and glands that work hard in life and specifically during the weight loss process, including the adrenals and thyroid.   We’ve got it all. And we’ve got answers for whatever questions you might have. Give our team a call or send us an email.

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