Yeast: The real reason for detox, cleansing and weight control

Most of us don’t know what we’re detoxing about or cleansing for. While cleansing the intestines is very important, it’s more important to get the body to give up one of its real culprits: yeast overgrowth. Yeast is one of the most overlooked and yet most pervasive infections in the human body. It is something that grows wildly in the gut and overtakes the nature of the intestines by wreaking havoc on the ratios of bacteria to yeast. Bacteria is supposed to be the dominant microbe in the gut with candida (yeast) being a minimal contributor to the environment. Antibiotics in our food, prescription medications and poor diet contribute to the over-throwing of bacteria by yeast and the result is yeast overgrowth and dominance in the gut flora. Yeast overgrowth causes a host of irritations in the body that have been ignored for decades. Irritations like headache, eczema, psoriasis, joint pain, muscle pain, exhaustion, insomnia, bloating, gas, nausea, diarrhea, weight gain. This overgrowth is one of the most dynamic and yet elusive players in ill-health and yet is sinister and stealth-like in its nature. It overtakes an area then multiplies quickly with little apology. It is like a petulant child. Yeast gets what it wants and it gets it now; throwing a tantrum, crying to be fed. What is its main, most desirable food? Sugar! Although, any carbohydrate will suffice. The real reason that we need to cleanse, detox and control the yeast is because the very real addiction is being given power by the very nature of yeast...tell the child it can have all the sugar it desires. Once it gets a taste of sugar, it knows what it wants and it won’t be satisfied with anything less. Did you ever wonder why a craving is so impossible to conquer? It’s the spoiled inner child that we created called ‘baby yeast that quickly throws the tantrum and demands attention. Sugar is always the answer; whether it be bread, pasta, candy, cookies, chips, name it, the spoiled little one will not be denied. Cravings can be conquered. Through the deliberate attention on cleansing, detoxing the body of yeast and then reaping the side benefits of weight loss, you begin the discipline of the child and the reward of a body that is compliant and respectful of itself and knows the enemy that is yeast and is on constant guard against it. We at Skinny Up! are trained to help you overcome your addiction to sugar and the uncontrollable cravings that come with it. Skinny Up! Yeast Redux is a product that is unlike anything on the market; treating yeast overgrowth as the true cause of lost health, energy and happiness. With Skinny Up! Yeast Redux, used as part of the Skinny Up! Health Protocol, yeast is immediately addressed and reduced helping to ensure the best chance of returned health and well-being as well as a more shapely and healthy physique as a byproduct of getting the first and most important thing under control, the petulant child named yeast.

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