Why a System-Wide Detox Can Boost Your Immune System

Now more than ever is the time to boost your immune system. Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak causing us all to stay indoors, we may get sidetracked in our health regimen. It is a very normal response to begin eating out of stress, boredom, or, quite honestly, out of fear. And so often when these emotions rise up, we turn to sugar and foods that work to suppress our immune system rather than support it. All viruses, including the coronavirus, are better able to cause illness when the immune system is suppressed. Therefore, keeping our health at the forefront of our daily activities should be the priority. Your immune system could be significantly lowered if you are experiencing candida overgrowth, as this contributes to the body’s inability to fight off illness. Strong immune systems help to prevent the coronavirus from developing a residency that’s hard to fight off. Buy Detox Supplements! As we all wait for this season of quarantine and outbreak to pass, a system-wide detox is an excellent preventative measure to help support the immune system. A candida cleanse, within a system-wide detox, is highly beneficial in contributing to immune function and health. 
EDITOR’S NOTE: Currently, there is no magic pill, food, or supplement that can assist with preventing or removing the coronavirus from the body. However, building your immune system will assist in keeping you healthy.

Full Body Health Keeps You… Healthy

The immune system works to fight off harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that would otherwise make you ill. It has a much better chance in the fight for health when your entire system is already doing well.  It is much more difficult to get healthy if the body is full of toxicity leading to candida overgrowth and weight gain, and therefore a lessened ability to stay healthy. A full, system-wide detoxification protocol, including a candida cleanse, is highly recommended as a preventative measure.

Benefits of a System-Wide Detox

A system-wide detoxification protocol addresses the many systems and parts of the body that work together to keep you going in life. A thorough detox will support the various systems that keep the body functioning while addressing stored toxicity in the fat cells.  Hand in hand with clearing out stored toxicity, it is vital that the gut is addressed through a purposeful candida cleanse. Ancient cultures recognized that “all health begins in the gut.” To protect the health of the body by ensuring the body is seeking nutritious foods, candida overgrowth needs to be addressed through a candida cleanse.

1. Visceral fat cells store more than just excess food

We are often told that fat is simply the body storing away extra food. In a large sense, that is true. However, there is so much more packed into those fat cells, especially the visceral fat cells that are packed in tight around the body’s main organs.  Within these fat cells, the body locks away old hormones, chemicals that it doesn’t have the energy to process, remnants of past medications, all right along with stored nutrition from the foods that you eat. It is imperative that, for the sake of your immune system, these fat cells are cleared out so that the body does not have to use energy keeping you safe from everything stored in these cells. Instead, the body should be able to concentrate on defeating harmful organisms when it needs to.

2. Organs of elimination need support

The organs of elimination which include: the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, small intestine, and large intestine, need support in order to function properly and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus. This support is achieved through proper nutrition and supplemental support. Amino acids and vitamin B are some of the key nutrients needed to aid these organs in their essential functions.

3. Kill Candida overgrowth for sustained health

Not only does a candida cleanse strengthen your immune system, it also reduces your cravings for sugary foods. Candida, like all yeast, thrives on sugar. When you reduce your cravings for foods with high sugar content, you are causing the candida to die off. When the candida is reduced, those intense wants for ice cream and donuts will die down too!

4. Simple ways to prevent immune system suppression

  • Sleep more - our bodies need rest in order to fight off harmful organisms that would cause sickness.
  • Eat well - eating real food provides the body with the nutrients needed to stay healthy. This is one of the most simple and easiest ways to stay healthy.
  • Practice emotional & mental health - laugh often, spend time with people that you love (this can also be done on video chats like Skype), play games, be silly. Joy supports the entire being. Concentrating on negative information too much causes our bodies to internalize the negativity. Choose hope and joy!
  • Take vitamins - this is especially important if you are not able to eat quality food. Supplement your diet with vitamins to ensure that your body has everything it needs.
If you’re wanting to lose weight, a candida cleanse is the perfect way to lose weight naturally! With a reduction in sugar cravings and a stronger immune system, your body will recognize that you are trying to regain your health. At Skinny Up!®, we’re all about wanting to help you reach your goals on your journey to health. We’ve created a system-wide, natural-ingredient supplement detox for reducing your candida yeast overgrowth and to support overall cleansing of your fat cells. It’s a super beneficial way to quickly fend off that aggravating candida growth. Start your candida cleanse off right by using our aid to quickly kill off that candida, boost your immune system, and get you back to a healthy state of mind and body. Buy Detox Supplements!

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