What Causes Brain Fog? Our Candida Cleanse Experts Take A Look

Many of us have had an off day. No matter how hard you try, you find yourself in a state of confusion, failing to focus on daily tasks or to remember the simplest of memories. If you feel as if your brain has slowed to crawl, you may be dealing with brain fog. This occurrence isn’t an actual medical condition, as it is often considered a symptom from other problems within the body. While there may not be a lot of data proving the negative effects of brain fog, the truth is that this mental issue can create serious problems for many Americans. As an all-natural Candida cleanse, Skinny Up!® is here to help you fight yeast overgrowths to help you reduce anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog.** Our Candida treatment serves to restore the balance in your digestive system, improving mental clarity and energy levels in the process.* Our all-natural product is created to be a quality brain fog treatment, but it may not be the solve-all if you are dealing with other health concerns. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the most common causes of brain fog, as well as the value that our yeast cleanse can provide for your life.

What is Brain Fog?

Without a medical definition, it can be hard to precisely determine what brain fog is. The best way we can describe it is a type of cognitive dysfunction that impairs your memory recall, focus, and clarity. Brain fog is also referred to as mental fatigue, as patients have described it in many ways, including:
  • Similar to swimming through pudding
  • Having your brain trapped in quicksand
  • Being in a thick fog and not seeing ahead
  • Being lost in a familiar space

Causes of Brain Fog

A number of causes exist that produce brain fog. While each of these problems can be very disruptive for your health and daily routine, they are all amendable. A few of the most prevalent causes of brain fog include:
  • Sleep deprivation. Without adequate rest, you will feel the effects of lacking in sleep. Failing to rest enough can cause clouded thoughts and a general lack of focus. We recommend sleeping at least eight hours a night to avoid this problem.
  • Stress. When dealing with a lot of stress, your body’s reaction will release certain chemicals such as Cortisol. Chronic stress can lead to issues such as compromised immune systems, blood pressure concerns, and depression. Stress is also exhausting, making brain fog a regular occurrence for many people.
  • Diet. What you eat can play a major role in how healthy your body is. Individuals who have sensitivities to products such as aspartame or MSG may have a negative reaction, clouding mental acuity in the process. If you are dealing with brain fog problems, we recommend taking vitamin B12 supplements and scaling back foods in your diet. This way, you can determine if a certain food is the culprit for your brain fog.
  • Hormones. Certain hormones in the body can affect your mental clarity. This is especially true for expectant mothers, as increases in estrogen and progesterone have been known to lead to brain fog. A drop in estrogen can have similar effects, including poor concentration and poor memory. If you suspect hormonal changes may be the reason for your brain fog, be sure to consult with your doctor.
  • Medications. For some people, brain problems can stem from side effects of the prescription medications they are taking. It’s important to speak with your primary care provider if your medicines are causing brain fog complications.
  • Health problems. Medical issues can be the cause for some forms of brain fog, including ailments as serious as diabetes and as minor as dehydration. Changes in your blood sugar, extreme levels of fatigue, and other problems can be to blame for reducing mental clarity, especially if these issues are not resolved in a timely manner!

Blaming Candida Overgrowth

While all of these categories can play a part in disrupting your mental capabilities, recent research has started to establish the link between brain fog and yeast overgrowths. When harmful agents such as Candida albicans are allowed to rampant, your body will begin to take on a number of negative symptoms as an inflammatory response. Candida overgrowth causes the body to crave sugar, disrupting your diet. It can also lead to digestive issues, sleep loss, and additional stress. In all, your brain fog treatment is needed for yeast problems due to the bacteria itself and the litany of other issues brought on by Candida complications. Our Candida cleanse is made to help you restore your digestive tract and eliminate the fog surrounding your brain.* From concentration issues to memory problems, brain fog can be very disruptive for your life. It’s important to find a yeast cleanse that focuses on the healthiest and most natural approach for restoring digestive health. Brain fog can be very frustrating for individuals suffering through it on a daily basis. While this problem is very disruptive for daily living, it's important to remember that treatments are available. Individuals suffering from chronic brain fog should consult with their doctor to get blood work done. If you have been dealing with problems concentrating, low energy levels, or bloating and you are currently fighting unhealthy sugar cravings, our Candida cleanse may be the perfect answer. Skinny Up!® is proud to provide our Yeast Redux line to help our customers balance out the bacteria in their digestive systems to take control back of their lives. Contact us today if you have questions or try this product in our store first to feel the skinny difference for yourself!

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