Why am I So Tired All the Time? 3 Things That Are Exhausting You

Exhaustion… We all feel that way sometimes. There are seasons, however, where it feels like no matter what, you still feel completely wiped out. Where that coffee pot runs out way too quickly. Where there just aren’t enough hours of sleep in a night… Anyone else know the feeling?   Turns out, there are reasons that this happens and it isn’t just that we’re working too hard. Sometimes, our bodies simply can’t get back to normal. They are stuck in a state of exhaustion that can’t be reversed without some sort of bodily intervention.  

If you feel like you are stuck in an exhaustion-cycle, here are the top 3 things that you are most likely dealing with:

(click on a tab to read more) This is something that has been called different things over the years, but can be found today by looking up terms like adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing and sending hormones all over the body in order to respond to different stressors that life can throw at you. That can mean making the cortisol (which helps control your metabolism) or adrenaline (which increases your energy) or DHEA (which helps calm the body) among other hormones. When these glands are exhausted, your body starts to feel tired and worn out before the day even beings. This can be the beginning of a lot of different health issues, and exhaustion is a big indicator that your adrenal gland is suffering. When a person experiences adrenal exhaustion, their body begins to borrow energy from other glands and organs to produce the energy that it is lacking. The first that it borrows from is the thyroid gland. From there, it begins to borrow from the heart, pituitary gland, or sometimes a person’s male or female hormones. The main purpose of the gland is to regulate the body’s metabolism. When a person’s thyroid isn’t working properly, the metabolism slows way down, which causes a person to feel exhausted and slowly gain weight. While there are many factors that can influence if a body experiences thyroid deficiency, the biggest one is adrenal exhaustion followed closely by iodine deficiency. The common medical response to thyroid hormone deficiency is to begin taking medications (Synthroid). However, we believe that if a person were to address the root causes of the symptom of thyroid hormone deficiency, rather than seeing it as a condition, improvements can be made. If we were to address that the adrenal glands are suffering (stress) and fix that with proper diet and lifestyle changes, then we would most likely be able to fix this issue as well. Another common factor in exhaustion is an overgrowth of systemic candida (yeast). What happens is that there is a vicious cycle of becoming exhausted, reaching for sugar and/or flour products to gain energy, crashing and feeling exhausted, eating more sugar… and the cycle continues. When a person begins to have candida, yeast begins to ‘set up shop’ and take over their gut systems. The yeast (candida) actually begins to dictate cravings and what a person is looking to eat: anything sweet. This is a result, but also a contributing factor, of exhaustion. It is a candida overgrowth that causes a person to begin to experience weight gain, diseases associated with weight gain, and overall, not feeling well.   The overriding factor and starting point for exhaustion is chronic stress. All 3 of these conditions are most often begun by chronic stress. Stress causes the body to release more stress hormones in an attempt to gain more comfort, and more energy in order to deal with whatever stressful thing is happening. It is important to learn to manage this stress in an effective way so that you don’t become chronically ill in the process.   Even more overriding than stress, is the FACT that you can heal. Stress does NOT need to dictate your life forever. Even if you do develop one or all of the conditions, there are still things that can be done to reverse the effects and to gain control of your life back. Stay tuned to the Skinny Up!™ Blog to find out the top things you can do to battle chronic stress, and help the systems in the body to operate the best they possible can.   If you're ready to feel Revitalized again, get your first bottle of Skinny Up!™ here!

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