The Science Behind Skinny Up!

The science behind Skinny Up!

One question that we get pretty often is, "How does Skinny Up!® work? Is this just water and the Placebo Effect?" Those are good and completely fair questions to ask. So, here are how the three Skinny Up!® products work and provide such amazing results. Want to learn more about our modern weight loss products? Click here! 1.) Skinny Up!® Reduce is the original flagship product created for weight loss and detoxification. Skinny Up!® Reduce works with the brain’s chemistry not to overpower the natural intelligence of abt-img-reducethe brain but to augment and influence through subtle herbal and specific natural vitamin/mineral complexes. These combinations act more as a mild influence that causes the brain to begin to focus on health and well-being through detoxification, craving reduction, and metabolic upregulation, or in other words, an improved metabolism. This unique combination directs the brain/body interface to consume higher amounts of fat; first through the stomach, as you do the loading days and consume high-fat foods, but then directly from your visceral fat/stored nutrition. Visceral adipose tissue is the dangerous toxin-laden fat that gets deposited throughout the abdomen, becoming infiltrated in the actual layers of the abdominal organs themselves.  Skinny Up!® Reduce influences your brain through proper B-vitamin supplementation, unique pure liquid amino acid absorption and beginning detoxification pathway processes reassuring the body that it’s OK, and that it doesn't need to save fat for famine, and to consume abdominal fat quickly at a rate of 2,000 to 4,000 calories each day. On Reduce, typical results are an average of .5 - 2.0 lbs. lost each day all while not feeling hungry, beginning the process of clearing out old toxicity that is stuck from years of eating processed food, medications, years of soda, alcohol... basically, anything that could affect you poorly now can leave a trace in your fat cells.* So our weight loss drops are working to get rid ofabt-img-maintain it! 2.) Skinny Up!® Maintain was the second product created and is helpful in the Retrain Phase, which are the 3 weeks after low-calorie eating where you're transitioning back into normal eating. This is the time period where your hypothalamus (the part of your brain that controls your weight, metabolism, and hunger) is being reset and beginning to recognize what its' new normal will be. Maintain helps to keep cravings away, keep your appetite in check, and deliver nutrients to your system. Some people love it and stay on Maintain long-term to keep their weight in check and feel good. 3.) Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux was just released this past January and is designed as your trusted candida cleanse to make the body aware of its yeast issue, and then proceed to create the most hostile environment possible for candida overgrowth. You can check out the Skinny Up! blog post about the Top 10 Signs for Candida Overgrowth, but abt-img-reduxbasically anyone who has eaten poorly or gone through back to back rounds of antibiotics or more seriously: IV antibiotics, most likely has a yeast/candida issue. Yeast occurs naturally in our digestive tracts, but when it becomes overgrown, it begins to dominate the ratio of bacteria to yeast. Normally, good bacteria (80-90% of the gut flora) exists in our digestive tract and candida yeast is contained at the proper percentages and causes no problems. A diet high in processed foods, simple carbohydrates and sugars that consists of things like soda, candy, cookies, breads, or other foods like that, create an environment that can create yeast overgrowth.  We’ve discovered that candida overgrowth is the main factor in a person’s inability to say no to sugar products.  Yeast is fed by sugar and can become systemic, meaning ‘throughout the body’.  Yeast is the real culprit in the fight to regain your proper body dimensions and long-term health. Left unchecked, candida yeast infestation can lead to ‘leaky gut syndrome,’ which causes small pinprick holes in the walls of the intestines to wreak havoc on the immune system and begins the pathway to allergic reactions and autoimmune dysfunction. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux has yeast influencing prebiotics, yeast reducing agents in the form of digestive enzyme blends of extracts of garlic, green tea, spinach, Oregon grape seed, grapefruit seed extract, and Jerusalem artichoke. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is the first of its kind product on the market and creates the missing piece of the puzzle as to why sugar cravings are so devastatingly powerful and can sabotage most well-intentioned eating regimens. You can take Yeast Redux on its' own or during any phase of the Skinny Up!® Protocol. So, if you're ready to take your health to the next level while losing weight with these fast and healthy products, click here to get started.* You can do this. You are worth it!

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