Testing For Candida Overgrowth And Our Weight Loss Solution Part 2

One current issue that affects many Americans on a daily basis involves yeast and its uncontrolled growth. If you are dealing with a wide range of issues including fatigue and joint problems, Candida Albicans may be to blame. Anyone dealing with these problems who are looking to burn body fat while gaining energy can benefit from our all-natural weight loss supplement. Now available over the counter, Skinny Up!® is a top-notch weight loss aid that burns your stored fat while making you feel great. Often times, customers are looking to find a diagnosis before signing up for any appetite suppressant supplement. Unfortunately, Candida overgrowth is an evasive problem that presents many common symptoms. Our last blog looked at a couple of popular tests that can help illuminate the presence of yeast overgrowth. Today, we’ll continue this topic by inspecting a few more methods that may help you with a diagnosis. In any case, utilizing our weight loss support products can assist you in losing weight while kicking those unhealthy cravings!

Stool Tests

Checking your stool is often a surefire way to gain insights into your digestive health, and checking for yeast issues is no different. Ordering a full stool test will help in measuring the amount and identifying the type of yeast inhabiting your lower intestines and colon. This test will also look at different types of bacteria and microorganisms, your pH level, and markers of inflammation. Being able to measure the Candida levels is a great method of identifying if an overgrowth is present. Even if the test comes back negative for this common condition, you as the patient will be able to glean a lot more insight into your overall health.

Urine Analysis

Ridding your body of waste is a normal process that can also be used to check for yeast issues. When passing urine, a unique waste product is produced by Candida overgrowth that is not naturally present in your body. Running an acid test on your urine can help to illuminate overgrowth issues.

Spittle Checking

One method of checking for yeast that has raised some eyebrows in the health community is this at-home system that claims to be an easy indicator. Saliva creates an environment that is conducive for Candida growth. As such, this test consists of spitting into a cup of water first thing in the morning. You will spit into this cup, then wait and observe. Strings, cloudiness, and specks that are present in your saliva are an indicator of yeast problems.The logic behind this is that yeast is attracted to saliva, and it pools up and builds overnight. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can create a false positive, ranging from dehydration to allergies. Checking for a yeast overgrowth may be a helpful move on your part, and if you are in need of weight loss support that fights this problem, we’re here to help! Skinny Up!® is a top natural weight loss supplement that is available over the counter. Featuring FDA-certified ingredients with doctor approval, our safe appetite suppressant is here to kick your health into gear. If you are interested in this amazing product, contact us today to learn more!

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