Staying Slim on a Permanent Basis

The Skinny Up!® Protocol has many comforting aspects to it that most clients don’t even realize are in motion. The main thing they realize is that they have lost tremendous weight in a very short amount of time and almost effortlessly. What they don’t realize is that by having such excellent boundaries involved in the Protocol, they’ve allowed themselves the ability to bypass many of the temptations of typical dieting. They don’t realize that by doing the ‘hard work’ of tackling the effects of yeast overgrowth, they’ve introduced an entirely new way of thinking about gut health, the brain-gut connection and the adverse effects of the overuse of antibiotics in their childhoods which made it almost impossible to ever say no to sweet sugary things in the Standard American Diet (SAD). We’ve heard it said thousands of times now at Skinny Up!® that the scariest part of the Skinny Up!® Protocol is when it is time to go back out on their own and face the world again without containment, borders or fences of the protocol. It is a comfort to have something to lean against when the winds of our old tendencies come back in contact with us. The ‘real world’ can be a very intimidating place to someone who has been in the comfort of a system of support that can handle even the toughest issues and come out on the other side victorious. The biggest realization is that you’ve grown accustomed to the method of looking at your food and how you are superior to it and in charge of it…not the other way around. Clients understand that this is what they will feel like when they eat this way.  That fruit, veggies, high quality fats and proteins are a great way to live.  Less fake foods and more real foods that are alive and life-giving are the way to go. Many people experience continued weight loss even after the Protocol is finished but there is something to take into consideration as to why this would not be the case. You see, most people don’t realize that while they were doing the Skinny Up!® Protocol, they were in ketosis/lipolysis (fat burning) mode and that their appetite was being satisfied from their fat stores (That’s right, Skinny Up!® has been in the ‘Ketogenic’ business for years).When these clients are let loose on the world, some are surprised that by just having a few foods or drinks that are ‘known offenders’ (a glass of wine, a few slices of bread, some sweet fruit),  that ‘out of control’ feeling attacks and they begin thinking that perhaps they want just a little bit more. This is the slippery slope that is the old habit, rationalization and food addiction. Often times people don’t realize that the happiness that comes from the success of the Skinny Up!® Protocol is the happiness of the defined, easy but purposeful boundary of discipline.  The methods that made for such dramatic success need to be maintained to a certain degree or the old ways, habits, rationalizations and addictions show up. So, yes. You will always need to continue to have the updated superior relationship with food that is on your terms. You don’t have to stuff yourself to make up for the food you didn’t eat in the past. Instead, learn to gage your intake and sense the use of food that is truly life giving. Only through this process of discovery will you be able to skip the process of gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. The Skinny Up!® Protocol is designed to augment the body’s natural tendency to lose weight and re-shape by getting the body to detoxify itself of impurities (or toxins), built up yeast overgrowth while using fat as the best source of energy to take on the challenge of weight loss and the return of vibrant health.

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