Overloaded Liver? Here's What is Going On.

What does it mean with the liver is overloaded? In modern day American society, we are under constant barrage of toxins that we have no idea exist… From the can of tuna containing mercury in the meat, to the toxicity of the tuna can itself. From the cement factory in town that blows chemicals across the city, to the lipstick that we put on, eye makeup, deodorants and perfumes, not to mention all of the food additives, artificial sweeteners, antibiotic injections into our meats, as well as hundreds of other toxic sources. Toxicity is everywhere! The liver is second only to the brain in its magnificence. While the liver has literally hundreds of functions, possibly its’ most important function is the secretion of bile. Bile is necessary for the digestion of fats and the digestion of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and calcium. The liver stores a lot of thing that we don’t realize and one of its’ major contributors to our health is the ability to detoxify our bodies. All of the toxins that exist in our lives, such as insecticides, drugs, alcohol, metabolic waste products, and other harmful chemicals are taken out of our bodies and detoxified through the proper use of nutrition that help convert them to less toxic substances. However, between phase 1 detoxification and phase 2 detox path way, there are some substances that are severely toxic. When we have things like illness, pain, stress, and fatigue in our lives, our nutrients become deficient which creates severe stress in the liver. Most people don’t realize that the liver is responsible for regulating thyroid function. Therefore, liver stress can cause possible hypothyroid conditions. The liver also breaks down hormones like adrenalin, estrogen, and insulin after they’ve done what they do in the body for us. Here's the problem, the sedentary lifestyle that we have creates a physical lack of movement leading to low oxygenation and lack of deep breathing that basically causes the liver to create “liver stones.” This primarily comes from stasis, or lack of movement, and the liver begins to become overloaded: not functioning at a healthy level. Eventually bile is secreted in a thicker form and then begins to slow and create gall bladder issues. That thickened bile can help contribute to gall stones being created as the body becomes less and less healthy. Without proper diet, nutrition, exercise, and breathing, the liver gall bladder complex thickens and fails to promote good fluidity and viscosity. When that happens, we begin to have a series of symptoms: increased inflammation, pain underneath your right rib cage, stools that are lighter colored since you’re not breaking down your fat, exhaustion, decreased immune function, increase hormonal imbalance, and eventually loss of skin color tending towards a yellowing. If you’re a person who, like many of us, is reading this thinking, “Yeah, that’s me. What do I do about my live?” Know that it will be ok! There are steps to be taken to detoxify and heal an overloaded liver. First, contact your doctor about a natural gall bladder cleanse. This does not need to translate into a new medication to add to life, but can be done quickly and painlessly. Next step, a natural liver detox. Again, there are many out there, so it important to choose a liver detox that is all natural and has support specifically added to ease the whole process for this vital organ. Once you’re through the detox process, you need to begin adding in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids while doing high intensity interval training exercises or deep breathing exercises such as yoga to promote proper compression of organs. This will help you push products in your body and organs out. So, rest assured. There is hope! If you recognize some of these symptoms in your own body, know that there is help out there and you can feel good once again.

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