New Years Motivation To Drop Your Quarantine 15

This year might just be one for the record books. Hopefully, not because of what made 2020 historic, but because of a renewed optimism, a return to health, and all-around feeling better. Feeling better, not only about yourself, but hopefully about everyone and everything around you as well. If this sounds about right for your outlook on 2021, then hit the ground running with a few proactive and modern solutions to feeling more energetic and all-around better.* Skinny Up products can get you moving in the right direction with our weight loss line specifically designed using a modern system for a modern you.** 


Covid Weight Gain And Unhealthy Habits

A recent online study suggests that upwards of 71 million Americans have gained weight during the pandemic. Many are calling this a result of the “perfect storm” of factors making this year especially frustrating for many, especially when it comes to their personal health. We all know the woes of 2020, but here are some of the biggest contributing factors to weight gain:

  • Gym closures- Let’s be honest, even if gyms were open right now, it’s incredibly hard to get to the gym during the short days and cold nights of winter. With the virus still on the loose, getting to the gym feels more like a danger than a place of health. At Skinny Up!®, we make it easier for you to break into a new, healthy routine. Check out our full program today to learn more.
  • Uber eats and Door dash- With getting out of the house being looked down upon and store shelves running dry for many of our favorite items, especially healthy ones, delivery just seems like the easy and reliable option these days. With the added convenience of rideshare delivery, this unhealthy habit has become almost a daily routine in the current climate. Break out of this funk and get back to eating healthier and cooking more of your own meals this new year.
  • COVID depression- Individuals locked up in their homes with nothing else to do but eat and drink. Stress eating during this uncommon and uncomfortable time is running rampant. This isn’t even the biggest issue. The desire and acceptance of drinking at any time of the day has become commonplace. Covid has changed the way we think about stress eating and drinking at home but also in a social setting. Stay diligent and disciplined moving forward and conscious about any negative thoughts and habits persisting.

This isn’t just a US thing either. A new U.K. survey has found that nearly 63% of individuals say it has been relatively difficult to manage their weight. The same survey also reported greater difficulty in finding healthy foods at stores, a bigger increase in snacking while bored, and eating in response to higher levels of stress and anxiety as primary reasons for Covid weight gain as well.

No matter what you've been experiencing throughout this season, let's remember that everyone needs a helping hand right about now. Let the experts at Skinny Up!® aid you and guide you to feel better in this trying time.

Pull Yourself Out Of That Covid Slump

A combination of all things aforementioned have also resulted in many individuals feeling down about their own personal image and the state of things in general. Another article reported that over 50% of people feel depressed about the way they look and have had a decrease in sense of self-esteem. 

 As people start to get back into their regular routines, looking back on 2020, they might feel more aware and concerned about their “quarantine 15” and “Covid curves”. This can wear on an individual’s psyche and eventually turn into a downward spiral of depression and lack of motivation if nothing is done to counteract negative actions and thoughts. Perhaps it’s time to break out of this Covid slump that’s slowly becoming the new normal? A renewed vigor is possible! The Skinny Up!® product line can really help you feel and look better in no time!*

More Than Just A Weight Loss Supplement

Candida Cleanse

Candida is a type of yeast that grows in the body in strands. It feeds on sugars and poor nutrition and is often caused by the overuse of antibiotics along with a sedentary lifestyle. This can develop into a systemic infection as it becomes overgrown, proving to be very problematic for anyone experiencing it. As it grows, it consumes more and more sugar which manifests as cravings forcing you into eating more and more sugar and carbohydrates. It also leaves you feeling exhausted and depressed. 

Our Skinny Up!® program is designed to cleanse the body of this candida overgrowth which is more than likely a bit out of control due to current holiday diets and quarantine stress eating. Holiday and common junk foods are often high in sugar and carbohydrates which allow for candida to grow out of control and weight gain to occur. Cleansing your body of candida overgrowth can stop sugar cravings in their tracks as well as build back up good bacteria in the digestive system and heal past damage to it.

Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux

Our Yeast Redux product is a one of a kind product that works with your body’s natural systems and aids its digestion in order to provide you with a complete weight loss probiotic that is designed to treat candida yeast overgrowth.* It’s time for you to feel healthy again. Say goodbye to candida yeast overgrowth and the problems it presents with an all-natural product created by doctors, designed to help you lose weight, treat candida overgrowth, and feel your very best.** 

People who have used our Redux product comment often on what a success this product is for revitalization and increased energy... not to mention how overall health and wellbeing are boosted. People just feel better when our candida cleanse takes effect. Yeast Redux can kill candida overgrowth, defeat your exhaustion, boost your immune system, help you lose weight, and help you feel healthier, thinner, and happier.*

Weight Loss Drops

A modern diet makes it difficult for the body to know for certain when sustenance is needed whilst pesky sugar cravings are constantly popping up. Instead of feeding into this cycle of misinformation from candida, buy into Skinny Up!® weight loss drops for a healthy, helpful way to restore your natural body balance. They can effectively train your brain and body to adapt to a better, more balanced, and natural, schedule. The ingredients in all of our weight loss supplements are natural and provide support for your body while you rely on a short-term reduced caloric intake. 

Skinny Up!® Reduce 

Skinny Up!® Reduce product is a sublingual (under the tongue) weight loss support product, which includes amino acid and incredible vitamin support. Our weight loss testimonials are full of claims that people feel better than they have in years after using the Skinny Up!® program.* Whether it's the revival of their energy or the return to their clarity of thought, these feelings are real and ready to help you as well.* 

The  B6 vitamin in Skinny Up!® Reduce is known to boost the adrenal function of the body which helps with the production of neurotransmitters, ensuring metabolic processes run smoothly. 

Skinny Up!® Maintain

For a post-weight loss version of you, our Maintain product offers a completely unique look at post-diet lifestyle changes, and is specifically formulated to help you maintain your new weight that you’ve worked hard to achieve.* Our “Maintain” product was specifically designed to aid your post weight loss requirements. We use a tested blend of specific natural ingredients, each with its own purpose, and formulated together to help you maintain your goal weight.** 

2021 Is Your Chance To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things Mentally, Physically, and Hopefully Socially As Well

Unfortunately, experts still expect things to remain very 2020 like in terms of how the Covid crisis is being handled. As many of us have been told constantly, could take up to as late as the fall of 2021. This could translate into many businesses, including gyms and health stores, being closed or enforcing strict government regulations which limit the return of normality that we all crave. It doesn’t mean, however, that a modern, calculated approach to a better and healthier you isn’t possible and worth working towards.

2020 may have been a growing year for many of us but that doesn’t mean you should dwell on the past. Being optimistic about this year isn’t cliche, it’s an important step in following through with most New Year's resolutions. Nobody wants their goals to fall through, bad habits to start up again, and for that quarantine 15 to turn into 20 or 30. Covid Weight Loss is a trending New Years Resolution and it just might be that extra New Year's motivation you’ve been waiting for in trying to finally achieve your New Year's Weight Loss goals.

Cut Those Newly Acquired “Covid Curves”

Give Skinny Up!® Products a chance this new year. Revitalize your energy stores and give yourself a boost to start off this year strong with everything you need to make 2021 a great year.** Let Skinny Up!®'s modern approach to weight loss be your solution to this New Year’s Resolution.

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