Nature's Candy- 5 Sweet Foods That Aren't Horrible

Let's face it. We're human... and we like sugar! It's important to recognize the impact of sugar on the brain and body. It's pretty common that if a person has a high sugar lifestyle, whether that's from candy, soda, or ice cream, they won't be able to stay thin long term. That's not everyone, but it is safe to say that is true for most people. So to help a friend out, here are 5 sweet foods that aren't horrible for you! 1. Berries. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries… all of the berries. They’re delicious. If you need a sweet treat, look no further. 2. Honey. Yeah, don’t pig out on honey… but honey is a great alternative to adding sugar to something. So use in moderation and enjoy!   3.Sweet potatoes. Again, not the best thing in the world to just eat and eat and eat, but also not the worst thing to consume if you need something sweet. Probably skip the added brown sugar on top :)  4.  Carrots. Yeah, I know, carrots are a veggie. But actually, they’re very sweet! Especially roasted with some onions. That is a real treat! 5. Apples. Seriously. So easy, so yummy. You could also chop up an apple, top with a bit of cinnamon and bake for a bit. It’s like a miniature apple pie!

We’re not saying you should never eat a piece of cake or have whatever frou-frou drink from the coffee shop. Life should be celebrated! What we are saying, though, is that you don’t need those treats every day. Keep them for special occasions and treat your body to the sweetness of true, long-lasting health by satisfying your sweet tooth with some of the suggestions above.

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