A Look At HCG Vs Our Natural Weight Loss Supplement Part 2

Our modern society is riddled with miracle diet drugs and unproven weight loss supplements. While many are eventually debunked for not offering safe, effective solutions, some trends survive the test of time. Our last blog looked into hCG and its application as a weight loss aid. Today, we’ll look at the shortcomings of this hormone diet and discuss our natural weight-loss supplement as an ideal hCG alternative. As a provider of a doctor-approved product, we’re confident that the case can be easily made in our favor. SkinnyUp!® is a safe weight-loss supplement that aims to target visceral fat while promoting healthy organ functions, delivering excellent fat loss with more energy.

How Effective is HCG Dieting?

Results have shown that the hCG diet does result in weight loss. However, the positive results can be attributed solely to the minimal caloric intake required during the second two phases. When compared to a placebo group, people using this hormone showed no increase in weight loss. Additional concerns are raised at this point as well due to nourishment needs. If you are cutting your daily caloric intake by more than half, it’ll be much harder to receive the required vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy body. Supplements will be required to meet the minimum requirements.

How Does the FDA Feel About HCG?

The Food and Drug Administration tends to be very sparing on what it approves and disapproves of when measuring the effectiveness of drugs. Recently, the FDA has come out and told consumers to steer clear of any homeopathic hCG remedies out there. Additionally, the FDA only approves this hormone for medical use to treat infertility. Beyond that, they claim, there are no positives with using hCG for dieting. If you are looking to buy this product as an over-the-counter appetite suppressant and weight-loss aid, it’s important to note that hCG is illegal to sell in such a fashion. In all, the Food and Drug Administration takes a strong stance against using this pregnancy hormone for any purpose besides infertility treatments.

The SkinnyUp! Advantage

Our product holds several benefits over this unapproved diet plan. For one, SkinnyUp! is hCG-free. It was also only available as a prescription up until now, as the FDA has recently approved it for sale over the counter. Our line of natural weight-loss supplements also hold ingredients that were certified and approved by an FDA-sanctioned lab. Our products do work as an effective hunger suppressant, using natural ingredients to keep you feeling vital while your body utilizes 2,000 to 4,000 calories of body fat per day. The best part is that you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the world. Once your desired weight is achieved, SkinnyUp!’s Maintain product will help to keep the cravings for junk food at bay while your brain and body reset and renormalize. While hCG has waxed and waned in popularity, recent FDA reports have proven it to be a dangerous, ineffective product. Our natural weight-loss supplement, on the other hand, provides approved assistance for losing weight and keeping it off. By combating yeast overgrowth and controlling unhealthy cravings, SkinnyUp! gives you the tools needed to succeed. Check out our shop today and pick up a bottle to feel the skinny difference!

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