How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise   Would you believe me if I told you, you actually do not have to put forth more effort to lose weight quickly?   In fact, you don’t have to visit the gym, add in exercise, or stress about the lack of time you have to work-out because none of this is necessary to lose weight. Whether you have a few to ten pounds you’d like to shed, or a more substantial amount, ALL of it is possible, and you don’t even have to begin a training plan.   Even further, your rigid workout schedule and constant stress about maintaining weight could be the culprit of the extra baggage.   Let me explain.   THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH STRESS.   Whenever you workout, whether you are riding your bike, lifting weights, swimming laps in a pool, you are putting stress on your body, and you’re doing this intentionally. When you put stress on your body it has to adapt. So normally, the cycle in any training program is to stress the body with exercise, rest and recover for a few days, and build strength or tone.   Exercise is certainly wonderful, but it’s not quick as you’ll need the rest and recovery time after you’ve stressed your body. Right after a workout you can expect your body to swell as it is working it’s hardest to rid itself of lactic acid, which is produced in muscle tissues during strenuous exercise (you can read more about lactic acid here).   If you truly want to lose weight quickly and sustainably - hone in on the inner workings. What I mean is, focus on nutrition and vitamin supplementation. Focus on whether or not you are absorbing proper nutrients in your gut or if candida yeast overgrowth is wreaking havoc on your digestion and metabolism.   These are key.   If you are working yourself daily and not absorbing your food or allowing yourself proper nutrition, you’re spinning your wheels and creating stress. When your body is stressed, it naturally wants to keep you safe, and one way to keep you safe, and one way to keep you safe is by continuing to store nutrition in your fat cells - in other words - stress sabotages weight loss.   Don’t worry though -  it’s easier than you think. It was easier than I thought.   When I focused on correct nutrition and began with the Skinny Up!® Drops, the weight fell off - I didn’t even have to convince it to vacate, it just disappeared. This is because of the components of Reduce and Yeast Redux. My brain and systems were communicating with each other, and continually sustaining a low-stress environment.   Reduce de-stresses the body; allowing it to consume stored nutrition from the visceral fat cells without adding stress to the body. That means while you’re only consuming a limited number of calories through the mouth, the body is actually feasting on great nutrition coming straight from your fat cells. It also means you won’t feel hungry or jittery during the process.   NUTRITION, REST, HYDRATION.   You have full permission to relax during this process. The drops are formulated in such a way, your body and it’s organs do their wonderful work; all you need to do is follow the protocol guide, which will tell you what to eat and when to take the drops, and you’ll see the results so many are enjoying.   So, learn to rest. Learn to breathe. Learn to trust.   Because when we let go of having to control the process, and trust our body knows what to do when we provide it with a wonderful selection of vitamins and amino acids, it will get to work willingly and naturally.   If you’re looking for the best way to lose weight and keep it off, we’ll make it simple, and say - you’ve found it.   Those using Skinny Up!® can expect to lose 8-10 pounds in 10 days, 15-20 pounds in 23 days, and 30-40 pounds in 40 days* ** - without having to buy a gym membership or start doing burpees. And my best suggestion for you in this moment, is to find your favorite song, go drink a big glass of water, take a deep slow breath, and head on over the the website to see what Reduce, Yeast Redux, and Maintain can do for you.

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