Explaining The Value Of Our Weight Loss Drops’ Retrain Phase

Mind over matter. While this mantra is helpful for highlighting the power of the human mind, those seeking to lose weight will find that their matter certainly does matter. It is essential to find a weight loss diet plan that provides complete support, satisfying nutritional needs while delivering long-term benefits that extend beyond the act of losing weight. If you’re on this post because you are looking for an all-natural weight loss supplement to give you the ability to lose weight and feel great, then Skinny Up!® is here to help!*

The Continual Importance of the Retrain Phase

Skinny Up!® strives to deliver the complete support needed to help you lose excess weight and feel great.* After the Reduce Phase, individuals going through our protocol will transition immediately into the Retrain Phase. As our last post highlighted, retraining is needed after rapid weight loss to give the body time to adjust to a new, healthier way of living. Consisting of three weeks, the Retrain Phase — often in combination with our Maintain series — can be challenging for every individual. Despite a perfect diet, you may notice your body is craving unhealthy junk foods. At this point, a steak day is recommended.

The Steak Day

This process can be as delicious as it sounds! As our last blog post pointed out, steak days are a smart strategy that can be useful both now and for future needs. Our Reduce Phase’s success depended largely on discipline and dietary control, and the Retrain Phase will continue to build on this to reinforce the value of self control. Your body may begin to plateau or store additional fat during this phase, and that can be fixed with a big steak dinner. Dieters who notice that they have gone two pounds over their end of Reduce Phase weight need to schedule a steak day. This process revolves around fasting throughout the day, relying only on water, coffee, or tea for hydration. Dinner time will consist of a steak sized to your liking and cooked to your level of perfection. Combine this delicious meal with an apple or tomato, and you’re good to go. This strategy reminds the body that storing fat is not the priority, and it is acceptable to burn the fat as energy. Remember that you will need to keep track of your weight regularly. By staying on track and focused on your weight loss, you can work to help retrain both your body and your brain.

Retraining the Brain

In order to enact long-term changes to best outfit you for a lifetime of healthy living, you will need to succeed in retraining your brain, specifically the hypothalamus. This small region in the forebrain works as a thermostat for all of the body’s homeostatic systems, including levels of thirst, hunger, body temperature, and more. All of these factors can play a role in your metabolism. This process regulates fat storage, content, and consumption to regulate the body as optimally as possible. Dieters looking for ongoing success will rely on our Retrain Phase to help with weight control. The hypothalamus can make or break the lasting results of your weight loss, so be sure to practice healthy lifestyle changes (and stick to them!) for long-term success.Retraining the hypothalamus is not a simple process. In order to achieve success, you will need to make big changes to your daily habits, and follow through on a daily basis to reinforce the value of these changes. After three weeks of stabilization and retraining, your body should be better equipped to recognize the new standard for what is considered normal. Retraining your brain to be more welcoming to healthy foods will help to make lifelong weight management much easier. Losing weight is an essential task when taking control over your health, but training the body to keep the weight off will be the true test of your success. As a provider of all-natural weight loss supplements, Skinny Up!® has developed a multi-phase protocol to ensure the best long-term results for all of our customers. Our weight loss drops are designed to burn stored fat for energy, and our Maintain series is here to provide support during the Retrain Phase.* Contact us today to learn more, or browse our shop to find the weight loss aids you need for lifelong success!

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