Explaining How Stress Can Disrupt Your Weight Loss Diet Plans

For all of human history, we have relied on the body’s ability to respond under duress to survive stressful situations. “Fight or flight” is a term used to describe the moment when you make an instinctive decision to stand and fight or run for your life. Today, this response still activitates as if you were trying to outrun a Sabretooth, but applies to daily problems that does not require fighting or fleeing. We have the instinct minus an appropriate outlet. What this means is that modern man is responding in different ways to cope with high-stress responses, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle that increases body fat while sabotaging muscles. Combining this problem with the prevalence of high-sugar foods and antibiotic prescriptions has led to a profound need for a natural weight loss supplement. Skinny Up!® was created to act as a safe weight loss aid, relying on all-natural ingredients that are approved by doctors and created in an FDA-certified lab for use in burning excess fat while delivering wholesome nutrition.* We’re proud to offer modern and all-natural weight loss solutions that can help you transform your life. While our weight loss support provides comprehensive assistance with your body’s changes, it cannot account for outside factors in your life. Today, we’ll highlight the many ways that stress can affect your health. If you’re ready to feel the results of our weight loss diet plan and do the skinny dance for yourself, be sure to check out our shop to begin!

Hormonal Responses

Cortisol is a chemical that is released during very stressful situations, normally intended to help you survive dangerous situations. When it is released, your body will prey on anything for quick energy to “get out of dodge.” This can prevent any effective weight loss measures for two reasons: Your muscles rely on calories just to exist for these situations, burning mass from this source immediately while slowing your metabolism to retain as much fat as possible for future needs. This hormonal fluctuation will begin to affect your body’s health, as cortisol increases blood sugar levels, exhaustion, and blood pressure. Combining these stressors with drastic metabolism changes can make it challenging to lose weight.

Metabolism Changes

The second problem of high cortisol levels is a slower metabolism, as the body tries to hold onto body fat for future survival. Normally, this collection process results in increased fat around the abdomen. When you are affected by high stress levels on a daily basis, the result is often a higher prevalence of developing a metabolic problem. Not only does this result in increased fatigue and heart concerns, but your body’s ability to absorb and manage insulin can also be affected. Our safe appetite suppressants help our weight loss aids in restoring your metabolism and training your body to return to a healthy diet!*

Unhealthy Food Cravings

Our ancient survival system does more than just prepare your body for an immediate survival response. After high-stress situations, the body will respond to the expulsion of energy and increase in cortisol and adrenaline to create strong food cravings. The high prevalence of sugary and processed foods plays a role in the health of your digestive system, doubling the effects of dealing with chronic stress. It’s vital to reduce stress when possible to balance your body, but it is equally essential to find natural weight loss solutions that both assist in handling unhealthy cravings and reducing the prevalence of unhealthy yeast agents in the gut. Our candida cleanse was created to provide an effective yeast treatment to restore your body’s ability to digest food and process fat.* Unhealthy bacteria in the gut thrive on processed sugars, overwhelming the healthy agents, disrupting your body’s health on multiple fronts. This results in brain fog, fatigue, sluggishness, and more. You need to find weight loss aids that reduce the negative effects of yeast in the digestive tract while also stopping those constant cravings for junk food.

Don’t Stress — Try Skinny Up!®

We apologize if our blog post has caused any anxiety, but we are excited to offer our natural weight loss supplements to help provide a comprehensive approach to restoring your body to a happy and healthy place.* The Skinny Up! ® line is comprised of all-natural ingredients that are doctor-approved, giving you peace of mind while going through your weight loss journey. Our weight loss support is now available over the counter as a safe hCG alternative. Contact us today to learn more or browse our shop to feel the skinny difference!

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