Here Comes that Time of Year Again!

Here comes that time of the year again! This is by far the best time of the year to get your diet in order. It is also the best time of the year to gain some serious weight. Therefore, it is a good idea strategize now for the upcoming parties, get-togethers and tendencies of the sugary, sweet and over-indulgent season. This is the time of the year where if you have any weaknesses, they are exposed for what they are: our true weaknesses. Family recipes, meals and great times of making memories all culminate in a flurry of tests on our insulin capability and our body’s ability to resist the many temptations coming our way as a nation, both socially and religiously. Now is a great time to give the body its rest and prepare for the upcoming season by giving your body the break that it didn’t receive this summer because you were so busy celebrating one of all the other seasons of the year. It used to be that there were only a few seasons or holidays in a years’ time. Society has created, at least in our capitalist society, many reasons to celebrate each month not once a year as was the case historically.

Practice giving yourself a break by having more controlled eating schedules.

Once you’ve gone through the Skinny Up!® Protocol, you’ve given yourself the tools to operate with less need, desire and occasion for eating. Most people don’t realize that along with telling the lowly populace of her kingdom, ‘let them eat cake’, Marie Antoinette actually was very small waisted; a 23” waist to be exact. She had 4 children and was always able to reduce back down to that exact 23” waist measurement. How’d she do that without the American Dietetic Association giving her advice? She ate less. She ate anything that she felt would help her with her ‘sweet tooth’ in the mornings, her biggest meal at noon consisting of meat/fish and vegetables and then broth or soup for dinner. That’s it. Consider eating less in a day by first going from 6 small meals per day to 4 per day. Then by reducing the size of those meals, you’ll begin to have less caloric intake in your day. Then cut out another meal till you’ve gotten down to 3 meals per day or less and no snacks in between. Less caffeine as well. Nothing that’ll spike your appetite or focus your obsessions concerning food. Maybe we should consider this once we’ve gotten our system ready by properly cleansing the body of yeast overgrowth, detoxifying the liver and the rest of the alimentary tract, getting control of your insulin and its’ sensitivity and enjoying the feel of our new slimmed down version of our body, we can then begin to eat in a much more simplified way. By beginning to eat this way, your energy will come back, you’ll have your health back and you won’t have spend all your time obsessing about food and when you’ll be eating next. It’s a great easy strategy to improve your chances of keeping a handle on eating too much and too often during the holiday season that is fast approaching. Like Tony Robbins says: ‘Eat less so that you can live longer to eat more. Makes sense really.

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