I can lose weight while I sleep?

In our protocol here at Skinny Up!® we have people weigh every morning and proceed with ‘The Skinny Dance’.  It’s a dance that people do when they read the scale after using the bathroom first thing in the morning.  We encourage everyone that’s doing the protocol to weigh only in the mornings and never in the evenings before bed.  Most people don’t realize this but during the day, a person can gain and lose up to 5 lbs. of weight.  It’s that sporadic.  Depending on what you’re doing, exercising, in the sun, eating a lot or drinking a lot, water stays with you or is let go to keep the body at perfect homeostasis.There are 2 very important things to understand about what’s happening all night long while you sleep.  The first is a thing called Respiration; breathing long and steady all night long.  You’ll notice that when you watch someone sleep, they take long, cleansing, purposeful breathes.  The body gets it.  Replenishment, Reconstruction.  They are basically doing yoga breathing all night long.  With this intense breathing, the body is cleansing or cleaning house for the night, much like what happens in an office building at night after the business is closed down.  The cleaners come in and wash the counters, empty the trash, vacuum, mop the floors, etc.  This activity happens all night long in the body as well.  When we breathe at night, we are water is given up because of the temperature inside the body compared to the temperature in the room we are sleeping.  That room is usually cooler than our body temperature of 90 plus degrees.  That contrast creates almost something like condensation on the outside of a glass of ice water.  That water actually weighs something.  There’s so much water in this breathing exercise all night that it is significant enough to influence the weight of a person.  A gallon of water weighs about 8.5 lbs.  Now that’s significant. The other thing that happens at night is transpiration or sweating.  Sweating is the byproduct of chemical reactions happening in the body 24/7.  Heat is given off in a thing known as the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle or Krebs’s Cycle.  That is the nuclear reactor that is the power plant of the body giving energy to the bodies millions of chemical reactions that give us the automatic ability to move, think, protect, perform, exist.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had any chemistry in high school but if you add one chemical to another, sometimes the test tube will heat up and be hot to the touch.  That’s what is happening in our bodies all the time, a chemistry experiment.  That’s why water is so important.  It helps keep the fire under control and helps avoid dehydration and stress on the body.  Not too much but enough water.  That amazing system happens from the moment of your conception to the moment of your death. Sweating happens more at night again because of the bodies’ ‘house cleaning’ that’s happening during your rest.  You generally will never be able to truly rejuvenate your body without sleeping enough either.  The most efficient time to heal is at night, the time of replenishment from the day’s activities, stress and work.  That is the master secret…get your sleep so that you can rejuvenate and replenish the amazing body that protects you and makes the best decisions for your future every second of every day of your life. Skinny Up!® is here to help you get your best detoxification, rejuvenation and replenishment  of the gift of a healthy body through proper nutrition, affecting detoxification pathways, yeast reduction practices and overall improved education about the real causes of ill-health…poor lifestyle, eating habits and wrong thinking about the best and easiest ways to have abundant health.  The new you is closer than you think and Skinny Up!® is here to assist you in the most efficient, healthy method available to lose weight and create healthy habits for a lifetime.

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