5 Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It happens every year, doesn’t it?  We all start dreaming about pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies around July so, by the time Thanksgiving hits, we’re ready to eat. But that makes January even more painful… Can I get an amen? Let’s stay ahead of the weight gain spiral this year. Would you join me by using these 5 easy tips for avoiding weight gain during the holiday season?  

1.) Limit Yourself to Your Kid’s Limits

If you only are letting your child have three special treats throughout the day during Christmas week, try to limit yourself too. Even as a health professional, I know for me it gets tough because I walk by that tray that has every sweet from my childhood piled a mile high and I feel the need to grab something each time.   Don’t!   Pick a few favorites each day and limit yourself! It will make those special holiday treats even more special. Try not to consume more than your child so you both are fighting the sugar cravings. This is also a great way to bond with your child and teach them the benefits of fighting food indulgence.  

2.) Use the Days That Aren’t Celebratory to Your Advantage

If you don’t have an obligatory holiday party that day, do your best to eat and drink well. Remember that you don’t need the peppermint mocha coffee every day. Celebrate when it’s time to celebrate and eat normal when it’s a normal day. Drink plenty of water and stick to eating foods that have flavor!   Foods such as green vegetables, fruit, and non-processed lean meats will provide you with proper nutrients and will help keep your sugar cravings at bay.  

3.) Try to Lose a Few Pounds Before Christmas

I know, Christmas feels so close, but let’s follow Grandma Della’s advice and have some preparatory self-discipline and lose a few pounds so we can enjoy the holidays to the fullest and not totally let ourselves go.   Eat healthy foods and workout on a regular basis before Christmas comes along and you'll be patting yourself on the back for your hard work. Getting into the habit of eating clean and exercising before Christmas will help you obtain your New Year's Resolution goal too! However, once Christmas does come around, don't fall back into the habit of indulging in unhealthy, processed foods. You've already come this far, it would be a shame to lose it all!   Since there are only a few weeks until Christmas, take a look at the fastest way to lose weight here.  

4.) Keep Track of Your Weight

It is a good idea to weigh yourself each morning and look in the mirror for weight loss or weight gain. While this is a good practice during everyday life, it is especially important during the holiday season. If you eat anything and everything for three weeks straight, you’ll gain weight. Weigh yourself so that you can have an idea as the what last night’s staff party did to you and what you might want to avoid at tomorrow’s neighborhood get-together.  

5.) Incorporate Portion Control and Self Control

Remember, YOU are in control of what you eat and how much you eat. So, yes! Eat the pecan pie! It’s good! It’s Christmas! No, don’t eat half of the pie! That’s not good! Eat a small piece of dessert and savor those few bites. You will feel better in both the long and the short term!   To avoid binging on the sweets, eat a hefty meal and fill up on water so you feel and stay full of real food. If you're already full, you won't want to reach for that second cookie!   So there you have it! Make this season one of celebration and thanksgiving! May you have a wonderful season with family and friends, and may you not gain crazy amounts of weight. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!  

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