I was very skeptical

"I heard about Skinny Up!® through a friend and I decided to try it.   I was very skeptical and actually the drops themselves did not help me as much as the diet plan that was sent in with the drops. So I have been using the diet plan and I can say I have been very...

I have now lost 12 pounds and BMI is 34.4 from 38.9

"I saw Skinny Up!®  on line after I had gone to another weight loss clinic and spent a whole lot more for their drops. I was a little worried about taking Skinny Up!® because I was afraid the results would not be same as I had at the weight loss center. I felt great...

Here is how it went for me. Fantastic!

"Here is how it went for me. Fantastic! - Male. Starting wt. 270#; end Reduce wt #233. I am starting Maintain 21 days today. - Waist went from 44" to 40" in 40 days. - Never felt hungry. - Your e-mails warning of plateau's arrived eerily almost exactly when I hit two...

4 Days In, 5.6 Pounds Down

"I started on the load up on the 7 and 8 October, I weighed in at 211.6 on 7 October today 12 October  I weigh 204. Thanks, Skinny Up!®" -Judy B.

After forty days on Skinny Up! I lost forty-five pounds

"My name is Joe. Before I found Skinny Up! I weighed two hundred and ninety pounds. After forty days on Skinny Up! I lost forty-five pounds and went from a forty-six to a thirty-eight waist and I’m never going back to the way I was. Thanks Skinny Up!"

15 lbs and I’m down 2 pant sizes!

"Skinny Up!® helped me lose 15 lbs in a period of less than 2 months! I did the 21 day Reduce plan, and I’m almost to the end of the 21 day Retrain phase. After the first week of horrible detox headaches, I felt great! In a few weeks I plan to do another 10 days of...

I did Skinny Up!® Before and It’s Working Again!

"I am on day 13, including the Loading Days, and I am down 16.0 pounds this morning! I did Skinny Up!® a few years ago when I lost 40 pounds in 40 days, so I was skeptical that it would work that well again. I am pleasantly surprised that it is! I also think that the...

On day 15, Down 10 Pounds!

On day 15 after my 2 load days, I have lost 10 pounds....had a plateau for 3 days and did an apple day....lost a pound the next day and I'm now losing again. If you stick to this plan you will lose. I did it thru a chiropractor a few years ago and lost the weight but...

Now available without prescription, the Skinny Up!® weight loss drops product line helps gain access to stored nutrition stored in the visceral fat, causing you to lose dramatic amounts of weight* WHILE pumping nutrition to your organs and glands that work hard during the weight loss process.

*individual results may vary **results not guaranteed

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