I can see my stomach shrinking – it’s AMAZING!

"Really want to say this diet is GREAT !!!! I have gone from 134 to 122 my target is between 118 to 120.... (update: just hit 120!) But I also want to say...that everyone should have a full length mirror to watch how the fat around your middle is shrinking....we all...

After years of trying to lose weight, it finally happened

"Just wanted to send a note of thanks for your amazing product. I had tried a variety of products on the market trying to lose weight and nothing worked. I was extremely depressed. I was 30 lbs overweight and not happy with my body. I’m only 5’3” …so 30 lbs is a lot...

I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in over 10 years

"I'm thrilled with my weight loss results from this past summer, losing 20# over 40 days, and without the frustration and discouragement of previous efforts.  My blood pressure is significantly improved as well as reduced knee pain. I'm sleeping well, wearing clothes...

After only 12 days I have lost 8 pounds

"Thank you for the fantastic product that is changing my life.  I am so enthused and encouraged after only 12 days. I have lost 8 pounds.  I will continue on the program, and hope to lose 40." -Charlotte P.

I am excited and slightly nervous for the Maintenance stage

"Today marks my 40 days and I have lost 22.4 pounds and 15.25 inches.  I am so excited and slightly nervous for the maintenance stage. I know it's all about making the right choices and I can do that!  Am I OK to add exercise back into my routine for the maintenance...

I lost 14 pounds in 14 days

"My friend Dominique told me about this program and she was raving on how great the product worked. I was hesitant at first but she told me about your 30 day money back guarantee and that made me more comfortable to try it out. I was losing 1 pound to 2 pounds a  day....

Now available without prescription, the Skinny Up!® weight loss drops product line helps gain access to stored nutrition stored in the visceral fat, causing you to lose dramatic amounts of weight* WHILE pumping nutrition to your organs and glands that work hard during the weight loss process.

*individual results may vary **results not guaranteed

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