Challenge Group

What is a Challenge Group?

Sometimes, the greatest challenge when it comes to sticking with something that is difficult, like a weight loss & detox protocol, is that you lack the encouragement and accountability to keep working towards your goal. Sound familiar?

We're here with your solution.

Join the first ever Skinny Up!® Challenge Group.

The Challenge Group Experience Includes:

  • Skinny Up!® Products: Basic or Deluxe Package at a discounted rate
  • Small group coaching: a zoom call every week to go over results, answer questions, and stay encouraged
  • Access to a private Facebook Group: stay in touch with your group
  • The Skinny Up!® Recipe Book
  • An optional meal plan with grocery lists included

Space will be limited to 10 people for this group, so don't wait!

Meet the Coach

Sarah is excited to go through the Skinny Up!® Protocol with you, leading the way and answering all of your questions as you go. Sarah has been with Skinny Up!® since the very beginning, so she knows the impact that these products have on a person's story. Empowerment and regaining control are some of Sarah's favorite aspects of Skinny Up!®... along with feeling great and losing weight.


Empowered. Together.
The journey begins January 8.