Lose up to 15-20 pounds with The Skinny Up!® Basic Package** Weight Loss Supplement

The Skinny Up!® Basic Package is perfect for those individuals who are hoping to lose up to 20 lbs**. The Basic Package is designed to last for 23 days: 2 days of Loading and 21 days of the Reduce Phase, followed by the 3 week Retrain Phase. This package comes with three of our incredible all-natural weight loss products:

2 Bottles of Skinny Up!® Reduce

Skinny Up!® Reduce helps your body and your brain work together to consume stored nutrition from your visceral fat cells.** Skinny Up!® Reduce consists of weight loss drops that tell your brain that you don’t need to save up fat storage in case there is a lack of food; instead, you can shed the fat storage because there is an abundance. Working with a high-fat diet (coming directly from your fat cells), your body’s metabolism will kick into high gear and work to burn up to 4,000 calories a day**.

1 Bottle of Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux

Our Yeast Redux is the next step in the Skinny Up!® weight loss supplement system. This formula works with your internal system to kill off candida yeast overgrowth, which can cause sugar cravings and other unhealthy eating habits. Our candida cleanse works with a probiotic element to start restoring the health of your gut and reset your system.*

1 Bottle of Skinny Up!® Maintain

Skinny Up!® Maintain is the vital final step in the Skinny Up!® system. Skinny Up!® Maintain helps your brain adjust to a new normal when it comes to your weight and eating habits.** It helps retrain your brain so it recognizes its new, healthier state of being. Maintain can help diminish cravings and make sure your body is getting the nutrients that it needs. 

1 Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide

All of the information that you need in one place. The Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide provides the entire Skinny Up!® Protocol so that you know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat throughout the entire Skinny Up!® journey.

1 Skinny Up!® Journal

Track your entire journey with the Skinny Up!® Journal. Track your daily weight, water intake, and how you feel during this life-changing protocol.

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