“I found out about your products in September. I felt OK, but noticed some weight had crept on and I was having trouble concentrating at work. I had a hard time believing the program would work without exercise and without being hungry. I thought about the Skinny Up!® program for 2 months and decided to give it a try in November. I am a professional woman in my mid-50’s, travel frequently in my job and take clients to dinner, am getting my Master’s, and my husband and son eat regular meals. All of this to say I have limited time to prepare meals and I eat out frequently.

Nonetheless, I’ve lost 25 pounds in 3 months and am delighted with the program! I started the Skinny Up!® plan in early November 2018 and managed to stick with it through Thanksgiving, a 2-week vacation overseas, football games and all the Christmas parties. In the first week I lost 3-4 pounds and experienced some major GI activity (can I just leave it there?!) The results were steady except for the plateaus. BUT you prepared me with this through your emails and FB posts, so I didn’t get discouraged. I lost 15 pounds between November 4th and December 25th.

I took a break after Christmas and started a 2nd round of Skinny Up!® in January. While I couldn’t stick to the protocol 100% every single meal, I never stopped taking the drops and got right back on if I had a “cheat meal.” The main thing I noticed was that I lost my cravings for sweets and chips, so I never gave in to those. When I travel and eat out, I always bring apples and cucumbers with me, making it easy to have a snack if necessary. I also carry liquid Stevia with me for my black coffee. When on the road, Chick-fil-A’s Cobb salad is my friend (order with cold grilled chicken, no cheese, no corn, no dressing). I’ve also found great prepared food at Whole Foods that I take to my office including cold grilled chicken and shrimp cocktail (skip the sauce).

My evening treat is a cup of hot cinnamon tea with Stevia. I lost my last 10 pounds in 28 days in January, for a total of 25 pounds since November 4th. I feel better, my joints don’t hurt anymore (goodbye gluten forever!), the brain fog is gone, and I’m at the weight I want to be.

Thanks for your Facebook group encouragement and tips along the way!”

-Rochelle P.