What is Gut Flora?

“You don’t have the guts to do it!” 

Isn’t it amazing that this statement is often said from a very early age and that, at its heart, is actually very true?

As a little kid, some of my biggest memories are of doing things that required a lot of nerve and being dared to do something as silly as jumping off the ledge. Tragically, I was able to garner the nerve to perform way too many stupid actions because I had “the guts to do it.“

Why Would ‘The Guts’ Be the Saying? 

Turns out ‘the guts,’ the makeup of which is often referred to as the gut flora, are the most amazing thing in the human body, maybe second only to the brain in magnificence.

The gut does everything and is essential for protecting the body from foreign entities and infections such as bacterial infections, viral infections, and fungal infections. The gut also communicates with the brain with its own basic messaging system of nerves and hormones that help to create and maintain vibrant health. 

What Is the Gut Flora?

The gut flora is like the floor of the ocean. It has everything it needs to create life using every chemical, water, bacteria, fungus and viruses that exist, along with vegetation, heat, cold, and currents to continue to create a habitat for an abundant life.

The ocean has to maintain balance or it can get areas of algae infestation in some parts or becomes different colors depending on its environment. Sometimes the ocean has a great big island of plastic that just floats around entangling fish or creating environments that are unhealthy for the overall health of the local sea life or vegetation.

And yet, somehow, it manages to maintain itself to harbor wildlife and vegetation all at once. In part, this is with the aid of outside assistance (organizations working to protect the ocean from these infections).

Back to our body’s gut flora.

It is when the gut flora, this garden type environment of the gut which can grow anything and everything, gets out of balance that we begin to realize that we even have such a system. 

What is really neat about the gut flora is that it creates our life by creating our feelings through the production of hormones and through the messaging from the gut to the brain via the microbiome: the brain-gut relationship. 

Feelings of wellness, contentment, usefulness, excitement, wonderment, plus a thousand more emotions and thoughts are all gut feelings.

We don’t realize that our gut is even working until it isn’t. Issues like abdominal pain, constipation, heartburn, nausea or vomiting, and bloating all tell us immediately that we have an imbalance in our guts.

Our gut flora is maintained by how we eat, what we eat and drink, as well as how we think. If we eat lots of fried foods with beer and have constant anxiety, we have gut issues. Only recently have health professionals begun to realize that our foods create either a great environment to live in health and have a nice day or our foods create a bad environment from which to grow disease, inflammation and pain and can experience a generally awful day.

How to Create a Healthy Gut Flora

Creating and keeping healthy gut flora depends on what you do. Here are a few ways to help cultivate a thriving gut:

  • Eat foods that are good for you – Simple, nutritious foods are the best way to ensure gut health
  • Drink things that are good for you – More water, less alcohol, coffee, and soda
  • Think things that are good for you – Mental and emotional health are directly related to the health of your gut, so take care of yourself with self-care
  • Get good sleep – Adequate sleep is absolutely essential for your gut flora health  
  • Get some exercise – Exercise to a point that makes you breathe harder than with just a walk, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a perfect example of a healthy exercise program
  • Use antibiotics with caution – Watch that you are not taking any antibiotics for the things that don’t require them such as the common cold

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If you’re looking to keep your health up and your gut flora working at its best, please continue to research what will work best for you.

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