Strategies for Successful Intermittent Fasting

Hopefully you already know the ‘why’ behind intermittent fasting. If you haven’t read that blog, click here to get caught up. The Skinny Up!® Protocol does an extremely effective job at getting the body into a fat burning mode and uses an intermittent fasting approach to get there. While we don’t recommend that a person stays on the Skinny Up!® Protocol indefinitely, we do recommend that you take what you can from the protocol and make it work for you in everyday life.

One of these principles is intermittent fasting.

As a person enters the Remain Phase of the Skinny Up!® Protocol, which is just a fancy way of saying normal life, we would encourage them to implement an intermittent fasting approach into their normal weekly routine. This can absolutely be customized to fit any person’s life or schedule, but there are a few strategies that tend to be helpful across the board.
  1. Don’t psych yourself out. Instead of thinking about not eating or using the phrase “fasting” in your mind, simply tell yourself that you’re taking a break from food.
  2. Use the night to your advantage. When we think of fasting, we think of long, hungry stretches. But, remember that the time that you’re sleeping is time that your body is not eating, so simply fasting through breakfast time or dinner time and then adding sleep will help you get to your intermittent fasting goal.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. Water should always be your main source of hydration, but you can add in sparkling water, natural sweeteners like stevia, or have some coffee during your break from food to keep your mind at rest and to fill your body with water. So often, we think we’re hungry when really, we’re thirsty. Using water throughout a fast is a great way to keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Start with one or two days each week. No need to make crazy changes. Go at a pace that is helpful for your body, that allows you to be supported and feel excited about what you’re doing. You can always add more days in or take a day off from this approach. Let it be a tool for you.
  5. Keep yourself busy. Plan out going on a walk or hanging out with a friend so that you’re not sitting at home watching Netflix. Get a new hobby, figure out what outdoor activities are available in your area. You could even get ahead at work.
Instead of seeing life as a constant diet, let’s just redefine what life is going to look like a little bit. It doesn’t need to be a constant struggle. Instead, implement changes that are helpful and sustainable. The beauty of completing the Skinny Up!® protocol before beginning an intermittent fasting approach in your everyday life is that your body will have already combatted the effects and reality of candida yeast overgrowth… which means that you won’t be craving the things that harm you and cause you to stumble anymore. You will have also taught your body what it really needs in regard to feeling hungry or feeling full. You no longer need to eat constantly to be happy. Food is now a tool for you. Our goal as a team is that you would successfully lose weight and be sent out into life with strategies and tools in order to easily maintain your new set weight. It shouldn’t be a struggle for years to come, but instead a life-giving way of being. Contact a Skinny Up!® Team Member today to get started on your road to weight loss and weight loss maintenance success.

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