Skinny Up!® Protocol Vs Meal Replacements

The Skinny Up!® product line isn’t just our three amazing sublingual drop supplements that we here at Skinny Up!® talk so much about. Sure, they’re the bulk of the magic that brings rapid weight loss, mind clarity, increased energy and all around feeling great, but there is much more to the process that gets our customers better results.* The Skinny Up!® Protocol is a vital part of the Skinny Up!® process and needs to be highlighted so that the customer can understand how important it is in achieving your weight loss and overall health goals. 

When weight loss is the goal, addressing your diet is a critical piece of the puzzle. So often, we look for ways to address our diets as easily as possible, so meal replacement shakes can seem like a great solution. The question that needs to be asked, though… “Will meal replacement shakes help me to lose weight while using Skinny Up! Products?” 

Probably not.

Are Meal Replacements Allowed In The Skinny Up!® Protocol?

Meal Replacements are all the rage in the weight loss industry nowadays. Every time you walk into the gym you can almost certainly find someone mixing up a meal replacement shake. Heck, some newer gyms even have in house smoothie bars or restaurants that will mix up the latest and greatest brand or flavor of these fancy meal replacement shakes for you. Are they recommended for weight loss though? It depends.

Traditional dieting promotes losing weight by decreasing calorie input while increasing energy output. On paper, this makes a lot of sense, and it is true that you will eventually see results. The issue is that this method is not very fast, making it difficult to stick with. The meal replacement strategy tends to align with this approach.

Skinny Up! provides a fast and efficient means to lose weight while promoting a high level of detoxification for the body. The beauty of this protocol is that it utilizes simple foods that are easy for your body to break down quickly. Don’t risk it with complex foods made in a lab when Skinny Up!® lays out a healthier way to lose weight and feel great.* And -- bonus! The Skinny Up! protocol comes with weight loss recipes so that you can eat well without requiring meal replacement shakes that can slow down the process.

Most meal replacement shakes consist primarily of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber compounds along with many preservatives and flavoring components. Some of these compounds consist of molecules that are relatively complex and it makes it harder for your body to digest, slowing down the weight loss process. During the weight loss journey, your body uses a lot of energy on processing and either consuming or getting rid of stored nutrition and waste. If your digestive system is spending the bulk of its time and effort trying to break down more complex carbohydrates and proteins from the food you are consuming through the mouth, then the breakdown of the visceral fat that has been stored in unwanted areas of the body is going to be put on the backburner. This translates to individuals not being able to lose weight as fast as possible when taking meal replacements consistently.

The exception in the Skinny Up! protocol is if you are vegan or vegetarian who needs an additional source of protein in your diet. Then occasional meal replacement isn’t going to derail your weight loss goals, but it will likely slow down the process a bit. If you’re taking Skinny Up!® Reduce, we strongly suggest that you make an effort to stay away from meal replacements during the Reduce Phase in order to achieve optimal weight loss results.

What The Skinny Up!® Protocol Should Mean To You

The Skinny Up!® Protocol lays the foundation for what your meal plan should look like but how easy to follow is it really? This protocol is specifically crafted with guidelines on exactly what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat in order to be successful. It is simple and easy to adhere to. We break your dietary plan and restrictions down into three relatively simple phases where sticking to the recommended foods will get you your best weight loss results. Check out the Tips section of this blog for more information about the three phases and what they’ll consist of.

Skinny Up!® Products Can Help You Achieve Your Health And Weight Loss Goals

Tips To Maximize Your Weight Loss Potential

Whatever you decide to make for your meals, it is crucial that you stick to the guidelines for each step or phase. Here are a few commonly overlooked areas from each Skinny Up!® phase that we at Skinny Up!® think might make your meal planning a bit more relaxed, healthy, and above all else, tasty.

Loading Phase 

The goal of the Loading Phase is to get your brain and body into a high fat burning mode. This is achieved by consuming large amounts of fat while taking Skinny Up! Reduce and Skinny Up! Yeast Redux. A few tips for the Loading Phase:

  • Alcohol is permitted - indulge in a few drinks without worry
  • Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to your favorite foods
  • Eat high-fat foods and feel good about it
  • Carbs are OK, but your focus should be on intaking fats
  • You don’t need to overeat on these days
  • Eat a normal or comfortable amount
  • Enjoy the Loading Phase

Reduce Phase 

The Reduce Phase is all about weight loss and detoxification. It is during this phase that you restrict your diet to adhere to the Skinny Up! Protocol as you take Skinny Up! Reduce and Skinny Up! Yeast Redux.

  • Use an intermittent fasting approach - two meals a day (lunch and dinner)
  • Coffee and tea are permitted, sweetened with stevia
  • At each meal, eat one portion of each major food group
  • Major food groups include (proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates)
  • Stick to correct portion sizes outlined in your protocol guide
  • Avoid mixing multiple allowed items of the same food group in one meal
  • Weigh every day and celebrate with the Skinny Dance!

Retrain Phase 

Long term success is found by those who stick with the Retrain Phase of the Skinny Up! Protocol. It is during this 3-week timeframe that your brain learns to recognize its new weight, so this phase is critical for keeping the weight off in the long run.

  • Cravings have been dealt with thanks to Skinny Up! Yeast Redux, so creating new habits is easier than ever
  • Begin adding in variety to your foods as well as fats and oils
  • Do not eat sugars, starches, or sugar substitutes
  • Meats, vegetables, and fruits are the primary diet
  • Weigh yourself every day and remember to document in the journal
  • Learn to let hunger guide your eating decisions
    Healthy Ingredients, Healthy Meals, Healthy You

    Skinny Up!® Products Make The Process Easier 

    You’ll really be shedding pounds fast during the Reduce Phase if the protocol is being followed.* Lucky for you the list of foods really just consists of everyday, healthy options that will have you feeling great with plenty of energy to help you lose that weight and get you through your day without feeling jittery. The Reduce phase may be the biggest change when it comes to the foods that you will be allowed to eat. 

    With the added help of the Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux, however, the lack of sugar in your diet wont feel like as much of a challenge. This specific product acts as a candida cleanse to curb unwanted sugar cravings so that skipping all those processed foods that may have been a big part of your diet in the past won’t feel like a big deal at all.

    Making Sure Your Meal Plan Stays Exciting

    Skinny Up!® encourages you to try and mix up your recipes while getting through the reduce phase of your weight loss journey. Our experts have put together a few of their favorite recipes to help you get through those cravings or setbacks with minimal effort or sacrifice. Try a few of these out and reach out to us if you have any suggestions for others!

    Foods To Focus On During Reduce

    Initially, going over the allowed foods for the majority of the protocol may seem like a big change to some people, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you get familiar with these foods and show you that this dietary transition doesn’t have to be a hard one.

    • Protein - Chicken breast, lean beef, elk, buffalo, veal, shrimp, lobster crab, white fish and tofu are all allowed proteins in both the Reduce and Retrain phases.
    • Vegetables - Radishes, cucumbers, celery, fennel, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, spinach, lettuce chard, asparagus, beets and other greens all all excellent options in laying out recipes that go into your meal plan.
    • Fruits - Apples, oranges, grapefruits and strawberries are the suggested fruits to focus on during the shorter Reduce Phase.
    • Drinks - Water should be your main liquid for all times of the day but coffee and teas are also acceptable. Just make sure that cream and sugar aren’t being used. A few tablespoons of milk, however, is a great option.

    Remember that the Reduce Phase is all about directing your body’s appetite to the stored nutrition in the visceral fat cells. So while the foods may seem pretty restricted, it is just for a short time. You are working to give your body simple, nutritious foods. Once you are through the Reduce Phase, you will be encouraged to begin adding in much more variety to your diet.

      Name Brand Meal Replacement Break Down

      Meal replacements might not be great for fast weight loss but should be considered if you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet. As we stated before, if you require protein alternatives, having meal replacements from time to time can be beneficial to your overall health, but it’s important to understand the breakdown of what exactly you’re putting into your body and how it can affect aspects of bodily functions. Here is a list of top meal replacement brands and their nutritional facts so that you can make an informed decision as to if this popular trend is right for you.

        Doing Your Best With Skinny Up!® Protocol

        The Skinny Up!® protocol and Skinny Up!® recipes are an important part of the overall Skinny Up!®  process and design for success. They aid and guide/help you achieve your weight loss and overall health goals along with our amazing weight loss products!* We know that it may be a change of pace from what you're used to, but that’s not to say that every part of this journey can’t be enjoyable and fun at the same time as you lose those extra pounds. 

        Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our products or protocol. The experts at Skinny Up!® are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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