Skinny Up!®... One Year Later


Hey friends, I’m Amanda. I work at the Skinny Up!® Headquarters and I may have spoken with you over the phone, via email, or interacted with you in our supportive and fun Facebook Community Group. (Come join us!) Regardless as to whether I’ve had the privilege of meeting you or not, it’s always a joy to partner with you as you work toward your goals! And since it has been one year since I’ve gone through the Skinny Up!® Protocol myself, I wanted to share some of my own highlights of the Skinny Up!® Journey: drops under the tongue, clearing out candida, rest, sustainability, holistic health.  
  First, the drops. This isn’t a shake, or a pill, or a tea. It is a proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins. Simple and easy to take. I don’t have to schedule in time to make something extra. I can keep the drops in my purse and take them throughout the day. (It helps to set alarms). In fact, using the Skinny Up!® Product was my first experience with weight loss drops. For the last ten years, I’ve been an avid HIIT workout and nutrition shake drinker. Mostly working hard daily and seeing the scale barely move. Most people would say it’s a good thing. Muscle weighs more. Keep track of the inches. You’re healthy. The truth is, I spent a whole lot of time only losing 5 pounds and having difficulty maintaining it. And the time I spent prepping shakes and fitting in a workout was honestly, a bit of a headache. Of everything I’ve tried, this is the most simple. I’m not having to take time to mix a shake and pretend to like it. All I need to remember is to hold the drops for about a minute before I swallow them. Doing this allows the nutrition to absorb into my system without having to first travel through my digestive tract. The food paired with the drops also makes my life easier. I usually pick out a few options from each portion. For example, two meats, two veggies, two fruits, and I vary them throughout the week. While on the Reduce phase, I spend around $20 on groceries. The craziest part is I no longer have to work so hard to stay ahead; what I mean by this is I practice yoga for fun and stay active when I want to, but working out to maintain my weight is no longer something I’m trying to manage. I can eat healthy, knowing specifically what works for me and have the confidence to maintain my weight - because I know exactly how to do so.  
  I’ll admit it. I had never heard the word Candida before working for Skinny Up!® Yes, I’d heard leaky gut and knew vaguely of this phenomenon affecting most of us, but I did not truly grasp what was happening. Most of us have symptoms of Candida Yeast Overgrowth. If you’re not sure if you do, answer these questions: ever experience bloating? Fatigue? Sugar cravings? Joint pain? Fogginess? These are only a few symptoms of Candida. So, how does this happen? With the amount of sugar we intake (Candida feasts on sugar), as well as our access to antibiotics - Candida begins to grow - and overgrow, until it’s systemic. If you’re curious about learning more, check out some of our other articles on the topic. Fortunately, Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux clears out the Candida and within a few days you feel the effects. By days two and three, I could think more clearly, I had more energy, and to this day - no longer crave sugary foods.  
  1. REST (as in NO exercise)
  This was difficult for me at first. Before I understood why it’s important to forego exercise during the protocol, it was scary to give it up for three weeks. However, I learned how hard my body is working to detox and burn through the visceral fat and I set my mind at peace. I saw the weight disappear each morning and enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath most nights.  
  The Skinny Up!® Reduce Phase was like a nutrition bootcamp for me. A lot more enjoyable, of course; and beginning with some simple, easy to prepare foods allowed me to ease my way into understanding what it looks like to truly feed my body. Going forward, I know exactly what works for me. My mom has the same feedback. She was struggling to lose weight for decades and finally learned what worked for her. She’s been able to keep off 50 pounds this past year.  
  Losing visceral fat is so important. Once you start to lose the weight from around your middle (and other unwanted areas), life becomes more comfortable. I can breathe more easily. As I mentioned before, I’m thinking more clearly. My gut is healthy and so is the rest of my body; and because of this - I’m smiling. I feel joyful and whole-life-happy. Of course I turned my mom onto Skinny Up!® As well as my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sister, friends...why wouldn’t I? The weight loss is sustainable and the methods are 100% healthy. In fact, they are doctor recommended.   If you haven’t tried a bottle of Reduce yet, give us a call. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and point you to the product exactly right for you.

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