The Plateau... It's a Good Thing

The Plateau….it’s a good thing.

A common concern of most people adventuring through the Skinny Up!® protocol is the “dreaded” plateau. We are speaking of those few days where weight loss will slow down in a major way or perhaps even stop entirely, even though they are eating according to protocol. The dieter is so bummed! 

“I just lost 10 pounds in the first week and a half!  I’m still doing it just exactly right, with no cheating.  Why have I not lost any weight for two days?!!  Should I just quit?

May we say, “No! Do NOT quit!”  Or perhaps “H-No!  Do NOT quit!” 

The first thing we want to remind them of is that they just lost “Ten pounds in a week and a half!” That tells us they are following protocol, and getting the results they should get. So we always want to take a moment to pause and enjoy that major successful launch. We are going for an overall outcome in 23 days, or perhaps 40 days; whichever length protocol that person chose. 

So relax. Breathe. It’s working. You’re doing it.

Now. Let’s talk about a plateau. A plateau is actually a great sign that your body is accomplishing this protocol in a very healthy way.

Timing: Plateaus will ALWAYS happen, and they will occur about ten days into the Reduce Phase. They may happen sooner. They may happen later.

Why: Let’s review two facts: Fact #1. Your body has a lot of “chatter” constantly happening, of which you are probably completely unaware. Your brain is the big central voice that is receiving messages from all your various body parts and then sending messages to various body parts, in order to keep the whole system working in the healthiest fashion possible.

Fact #2. Your visceral fat is a great storage bin in your body, where your brain has been directing the storage of nutrition you didn’t consume earlier, saving it “for later”. But that’s not the only thing stored in the visceral fat. Your brain has also directed the storage of toxins to the visceral fat. Your body has locked that toxicity up tight in the visceral fat, in an attempt to keep it away from your functioning organs.

So…During the Reduce Phase of the Skinny Up!® protocol, your body will be accessing and feasting upon the stored nutrition in your visceral fat. At the same time, it will also be releasing and eliminating all the toxicity stored there. Before exiting the body through urination, your skin, and-believe it or not- your breath, these toxins must be processed through the liver. Your liver is working really hard to get through all this toxicity, but after being delivered such a large “work load” in such a short amount of time, it will get a bit “backlogged”. Your liver will send a message to your brain to tell it to “Back off. Don’t burn any more fat. You gave me all this toxicity and I’m trying to catch up!” 

Your brain will stop all fat burning for the moment. Even though you will continue to eat only the low calorie consumption of the Reduce Phase, you will see no weight dropping, because your brain has shut off the fat burning. Your brain is efficiently protecting your liver. They are very good friends.

Once the liver catches up and is ready for more “work load”, it will tell your brain “Bring it on!  I’m ready for more!” Your brain will immediately send that message out and fat burning will commence once again.

Length of a Plateau: Plateaus will vary in length according to how much toxicity you’ve stored up in your visceral fat. This is a result of what you’ve been eating for years and other things like medications you’ve taken in your lifetime. Plateau length might also be affected by the overall status of your liver. If you have taken or are currently taking several medications, then you are already asking much of your liver. And again, your body will do what it can to protect your liver and not over work it. 

A typical plateau will last 2-3 days. We suggest that you embrace those few days, and be thankful for the way your body was designed. How great that there is “back-chatter” happening between organs and your body is striving to give you the best health possible. If a plateau goes longer than three days, and you just “can’t take it”, then we suggest doing an “Apple Day” as outlined in the Skinny Up!® protocol. This “Apple Day” will effectively be a mini liver flush, helping to clean out your liver and move on to more fat burning.

After the Plateau: Typically, after the plateau most bodies will take on a fat-burning rate that is not as fast as pre-Plateau, but yet is a steady rate maintained throughout the rest of the Reduce Phase. But again, please keep in mind that your body is not a computer. You will not have a daily weight loss that is exactly the same to the tenth of a pound every day, no matter what. But instead, expect the overall weight loss achievement of around 15-20 pounds in 23 days, and 25-30 pounds in 40 days.

The beauty of Skinny Up!® products is that they are loaded with support for all these very vital organs that work so hard during weight loss and detox. Certainly, your liver is one of these “Hero Organs” during this process, and Skinny Up!® Reduce is designed to love on your liver and support it, in an effort for it to perform with its best possible efficiency and health.

When you get to your plateau, we hope you can embrace it with confidence and gratitude. What a body you have! It is our hope that you can hold fast to your self-discipline and honor the process. In just a couple days, you will be rewarded with steady weight loss, and the incredible health benefits of major detox.  And you, friend, are worth it.

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