New Year, New Goals, New Approach

Whatever your New year’s resolutions or goals are, we all want to be able to follow through and meet them for longer than a few weeks or even months. The first of the year, however, may not be the key to succeeding in that ambitious goal of yours. It all comes down to this preconceived notion that starting a new plan based around a specific date rather than a willingness and readiness to actually undergo a significant lifestyle change may be setting yourself up for failure.

Recent studies from the Brain Research Institute have shown that under 10% of people can confidently say they were successful in upholding their resolutions and achieving their goals. If you’re so determined to really follow through with these goals that fall through time and time again in the first few months of the new year, isn’t it time to break that cycle and try something new?

Finally, Achieve Your New Year's Health And Weight Loss Goals*

Poor choices and people overindulging in festive treats and an abundance of alcohol leave many people feeling like living and eating healthier is the easy New Years’ resolution that makes sense. Oftentimes, people don’t feel great about themselves or those holiday choices that have put them a few pounds over where they’d like to be.

Treat yourself to an early holiday present this year while also being proactive. Get yourself into a good healthy routine and get a jump on a New year's health or weight loss resolution. We all know that “just one more because I won’t be able to have it come January” feeling! This kind of thinking is the root of the problem. Make sure you’re making a plan and allow the Skinny Up!® experts and product line to assist you in finally achieving your weight loss goals** this season with a bit of a head start. 

Three Main Reasons New Years Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

  • Make Your Goals For You- People seem to be too easily influenced by the media, friends or family when it comes to settling on New Year’s resolutions. Setting a goal that is just for you forces accountability on yourself. Don’t worry about what you think is expected of you. Do something that feels right and you feel is important for you.
  • Positivity Is Key-  When you frame a New Years resolution as, “I can’t eat this or drink that” it forces you to think about exactly what you’re trying to avoid. Instead, try framing your goal more positively. Rather than“junk food and holiday treats are bad” get this stuck int your head instead, “I need to eat more vegetables and drink my water to stay healthy and stay on track”.
  • Be More Specific- “Exercise more often” or “Eat and live healthier” are great examples of what not to do when deciding on what your holiday and New Years goals should look like. It is much easier to bail on these types of resolutions that are extremely vague. Something like “I want to lose ten pounds by summer vacation” or maybe “I’m going to sign up for this 10K race” are more concrete, obtainable goals that feel palpable and achievable by setting a schedule to go along with it.

Factors For Holiday Weight Gain

  • Lack Of Time- Days are getting colder/shorter and holiday activities are seemingly taking up up more and more time each year. Really focussing on sticking to a workout schedule or dietary routine seems extra difficult this time of year. If you are trying to add something new to your daily routine, start small and work your way up.
  • Holiday Treats And Drinks- When it comes to festive indulgences, it’s no secret that many of the things we put into our bodies this time of year aren’t the most healthy of choices. Fatty foods and those high in carbohydrates are the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future when it comes to weight gain over the holidays. Try and keep track of what you’re eating or drinking, this season, and how often.

Don’t Wait Another Second, Get Started Today

If you’re like most Americans overtaken by holiday “spirit”, procrastination can be a huge setback in actually achieving your daily goals when you just want to feel and act festive. Something as ambitious as a New Year’s resolution just isn’t attainable without a clear pathway laid out for you and assistance to guide you. Waiting until January first to start a resolution is as close to procrastination as a person looking to improve their health or lose a few pounds can get! Our Protocol and timeline make light that dark path up so you can feel comfortable and optimistic about sticking with it. 

If you’ve done this before and it hasn’t worked out the way you wanted, what makes this year any different if you don’t allow yourself a better chance at succeeding? Start a task when you feel good about it. Putting something off just because you can actually result in higher stress levels and anxiety. It’s also been proven that the more time something is put “on the back burner” the less likely it is to get done. Optimism and motivation can diminish and disappear at any moment.  Don’t procrastinate any longer and take the leap into our fully formulated modern-day weight loss plan today. 

With the Holiday Season already underway, the idea that your motivation toward better health or weight maintenance might just miraculously increase toward the end of December may be a bit of a longshot. Be proactive and avoid that SAD Holiday feeling with excess energy and visible results that the Skinny Up!® Product Line is built to provide.* Our weight loss drops consist of ingredients that are doctor-approved and created in an FDA-certified lab.

Weight Loss Drops

Make it About You! Not Just A New Years Weight Loss Resolution

What’s so special about January 1st? As far as I can tell, no magical fairies are going to wave their wands and provide you with some miraculous solution. Starting a new goal for yourself should be more about you and less about what society is telling you! Having the support of people around you is great but they’re just as likely to give up on their resolutions as anyone else, right? 

Here at Skinny Up!® our expertly-crafted plans and top-of-the-line products will make your weight loss and maintenance journey feel like a walk in the park compared to those outdated programs and methods. Give yourself a head start on all the other New Year's resolutions out there and gift yourself or a loved one struggling year after year a full Package for a result you’ll have to see to believe.

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