Looking To Avoid Candida Overgrowth? Try These Foods After Our Yeast Cleanse!

Today, more and more Americans are grappling with the issues of obesity, fatigue, brain fog, and a medley of other ailments that are often hard to sort out. The chances are likely that you have been overly exposed to antibiotics while also consuming a sugary diet. In combination, these factors can combine to cause candida overgrowth, a fungus that damages your intestinal tract’s good bacteria. When you are sure that a yeast cleanse is the best choice for restoring your health, and avoiding inflammation among other problems, it’s important to make positive life changes to make the improvement process easier. Skinny Up!® is proud to offer our candida cleanse in addition to our other quality weight loss aids. Yeast Redux is crafted using all-natural ingredients that are doctor-approved and now available over the counter. We rely on natural, healthful ingredients to promote the proper balance in your body, restoring the bacterial balance in your gut while also aiding with the healing process.* Our candida treatment is here to help you stop sugar cravings while you learn to eat a healthier diet. If you’re going through this process to feel better, it’s important to rely on foods that do not contain high levels of refined sugar. Today, we’ll highlight a few nutritional choices that may help you gain control over your body atoget the most out of life. When you’re ready, be sure to shop our other weight loss aids and hunger suppressants for a comprehensive diet plan!

Good to Eat

In essence, you are simply looking to cut down on your refined carbs. There are many products available that can all prove their worth in keeping you satiated without all of those empty calories. A few healthful components of your long-term diet after a candida cleanse should include:
  • Vegetables. More specifically, you should be focused on non-starchy vegetables for the best results. There are many superfoods to choose from here, including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, kale, spinach, asparagus, zucchinis, and more.
  • Lean meats. While high-fat proteins are not the best approach, you can still rely on lean meats, eggs, and fish to deliver the protein you crave. Red meat is hard for the body to digest, which may play a role in your digestion when taking a leaky gut supplement.*
  • Healthy ingredients. Products such as butter, spices, and herbs all play a major role in the flavor of your kitchen. Many healthier options include virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and so on. This approach helps you to make use of powerful ingredients that can help to restore your body’s balance.
  • Fruits. While most choices in this category are avoided when trying to balance out the bacteria in your body, certain low-sugar options can be beneficial. Limes and lemons can make delicious snacks or drinks. Other fruits such as avocados can also prove super healthful!
Relatively little has been proven when it comes to candida overgrowth, but the science behind this process relies on minimizing your sugar intake throughout the day. Candida thrives on sugary foods, becoming more disruptive for those eating an unhealthy diet. Even if you are not here looking for a top-notch yeast cleanse, cutting more sugar out of your diet can be super helpful!

Bad to Eat

Anything with a lot of sugar increases the risk of that yeast overgrowth coming back to wreak havoc on your body.
  • Most fruits and juices. Remember that fruits and juices are delicious and nutritious, but also very sweet.
  • Alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can hold a wide range of sugar contents, but keep in mind that most drinks are high in sweets and calories. Minimizing alcohol when possible may help a lot in balancing your gut!
  • Starchy vegetables. Again, just because it is a vegetable doesn’t mean it is wholly beneficial for your body. Corn, squash, and yam fall into this category.
  • Corn syrup. Sugar comes in many forms and should be avoided as often as possible to keep your digestive tract balanced and happy. Honey, molasses, and other high-sugar substances can quickly derail your results!
  • Milk products. Certain dairy products can be high in sugar, causing problems for unaware consumers. Grains. Bread products are sweeter than ever, and modern cereal choices are often packed with sugar. Use caution when exploring this part of the food pyramid.

Candida Treatments

Reducing the sugar levels in your diet can provide a wide range of benefits. When it comes to the balance in your gut, proper dieting can help to restore the good bacteria and eliminate a wide range of negative symptoms.* You can also benefit from a doctor-approved product that relies on all-natural ingredients for healthful solutions. Skinny Up!® is proud to provide Yeast Redux, our candida cleanse that works hard to establish a healthful balance in your digestive tract, fighting yeast bacteria while healing damages caused by inflammation.* In combination with our natural weight loss drops and safe hunger suppressant, you can expect to feel great while you lose that stored fat and remedy candida overgrowth symptoms. If you’re interested in learning about our lifetime health solutions, be sure to buy from our shop or contact us with your questions!

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