Loading Matters

Imagine a bow and arrow. If you want the arrow to really go far, you need to pull the string back as far as you can. It takes the effort of going backwards, just a little bit, in order to have a great forward movement. The same is true when it comes to loading and weight loss. The Loading Phase is vital because it is where you get your body in gear to lose weight. By cranking up the amount of fat that goes in, you are forcing the body to consume high levels of fat. This process is called ketosis. The body needs a constant supply of energy, so if it doesn’t have enough glucose (or sugar) to keep it going, the liver will turn fat into ketones to use as fuel. The way that we eat directly influences how the liver makes (or doesn’t make) ketones which lead to weight loss. To get into ketosis, you can either stop eating carbohydrates so that the liver only has fat stores to take from. Or you can flood the system with fat so that the liver has to produce ketones in order to metabolize everything that is coming your way. The Skinny Up!® Protocol utilizes both approaches to make a seamless, struggle-free experience leading to fast and effective weight loss. The Loading Phase is where we pump up the amount of fat in the system. This revs up the body, asking it to consume and metabolize fat at a high rate. And then we take it all away in the Reduce Phase… but here’s the trick: the body stays in this high fat-burning mode. The majority of the fat simply comes from the stored nutrition in the visceral fat cells. How awesome is that?! So, as you begin the Skinny Up!® Protocol, pull that bowstring back as far as you can. Load well.

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