The Importance of Daily Vitamins

In our culture, there is a growing need for sufficient vitamin support. The processed foods that a typical American or even a health-conscious eater consumes nowadays is seriously lacking when it comes to sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Think about it…

The foods that we consume are nowhere near the same in nutritional content as they were even 100 years ago.  It used to be that our meat would come from our own cows or chickens, having been raised eating wild grass, not being given antibiotics. If it wasn’t your cow, then your meat most likely came from the butcher who knew the exact animal that produced what he was selling. Today, most meat sources come from various factories where animals are fed only what will make them big, not necessarily nutritious. They are given medications and chemicals that are intended to stimulate growth, not caring about the effects this will have on the end consumer. In the same way vegetables and fruits used to be grown in your own garden in the backyard or bought directly from someone who grew it themselves. This is not the case anymore. Vegetables are imported in from all over the world, meaning they’re not near as fresh anymore. They are covered in pesticides. And they are mostly grown in pretty  minerally depleted soil.

Can you see why it is a good idea to take a daily vitamin?

We don’t get all of the nutrition that our bodies really need from our food. So why not take a daily that not only supplies you with great vitamin support but also gives the metabolism a boost? Skinny Up!® Maintain is designed to do just that. Loaded with amino acids to help even out the blood sugar and calm the brain, components for metabolic support, and vitamins to keep you going strong, Skinny Up!® Maintain is of great value in everyday life. Shop organic, eat local, and use Skinny Up! ® Maintain to help fill in the gaps. Skinny Up! Maintain

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